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Mega 10-28-2013 07:37 PM

Vindictus Patch Notes 1.87

Patch Notes 1.87

For the past month, we’ve dedicated ourselves to fixing all the annoying little bugs that you guys have (justifiably) been complaining about. The result? A smoother gameplay experience for you! We thought you might like to hear about some of the things we’ve fixed, so we’ve listed them below. Just keep in mind that we’re still in the process of making additional changes, so none of this stuff is necessarily final.

Bug Fixes: Changes/New Additions: -Monster/Boss Fixes
-Dungeon/Map Fixes
-PvP Fixes
-Interface/Battle Quest fixes
-Skill Fixes
-Item Fixes
-Graphical Fixes -Skills
-Avatar Shop Update
-Halloween Update
-Outfitter Update Bug Fixes:

Monster/Boss Fixes:
  • Lakoria no longer moves awkwardly when hit by Ballistae.
  • Characters no longer freeze or lock-up when caught by monsters.
  • Cutscene sounds should now all be audible.
  • The game no longer crashes when Zenon is defeated in the E3 region of the Desert.
Dungeon/Map Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Ratman hit/destruction animation.
  • Characters no longer teleport after grabbing Evil Cores.
  • Fixed the incorrect map locations in the Malina area.
  • Sea Hag Kamina no longer moves through the invisible door in Ship Graveyard D.
  • Fixed an issue with Evie not getting tackled as often as other characters during the Charles Race.
PVP Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Reward was given after a PVP or Fruit Fight match.
  • If a player stays inactive for 90 seconds during PVP that player will be determinted inactive and wont be able to receive the battle rewards
  • Fixed an issue with Karok being able to hit multiple targets consecutively with his bare hands during the Fruit Fight match.
  • Bombs now properly drop in PvP when the bomb holder is attacked by other players.
Interface/Battle Quests:
  • There should no longer be a delay when skipping cutscenes.
  • The "Battle End" message should now always properly appear at the end of Battles.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera view to be locked in place
  • The Battle Quest "Oath of Honor" now gives the correct amount of Completion EXP.
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to provide any Assists.
  • Fixed an issue with the dismantling function, selecting the incorrect item
  • Fixed an issue with the Sexy and Sultry Makeup changing the icon color.
  • Fixed an issue of not being able to use the Magic Arrow when assigning hotkeys using the Casting Save.
Skill Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with Karok's Clash in the Pantheum battle
  • Fixed an issue with touching Mana Amber in Charles Race
  • Kai’s Cross Gun attacks now have proper sound effects.
  • Kalok’s Clash skill no longer crashes the client.
  • Vella’s Cyclone skill now does the proper amount of damage.
  • Fixed an issue with Evie using the Focus skill while holding a Battle Scythe
  • Kalok no longer freezes during his sprint and attack animations.
Item/Armor Fixes:
  • Karok’s Summer Inner Armor now appears correctly.
  • Emblems now equip properly.
Graphical Fixes:
  • Trees have had their load textures touched up.
  • Bone attachments now have the correct graphics.
  • Evie’s staff now looks less awkward in the Avatar Shop.

Changes/New Additions:

  • The descriptions of the SP recovery potion used in DS has been edited.
  • Modified the wide-range ground attack can break Mana Amber
  • The Supply Depot’s UI and interface have been updated.
  • Modified the Marketplace trigger when standing in front of the Board
  • Modified the message that informs the player of the withdrawal limit from the guild storage.
  • Modified the pet preview interface in the cash shop
  • Modified the font color for Lv.70 and 80
  • Improved the rendering of particle effect.
  • Damage indicators now appears next to the target’s body.
  • Modified the PVP Guide message
  • The Pet Info window now updated properly when a pet is summoned.
  • The pet preview window is no longer visible during battles.
  • Characters below Lv. 10 can no longer accept items attached to C.O.D. mail.
Outfitter Shop Update
  • The Returned Female Doctor costume has been added to the Outfitter.
  • The Lady Ghost costume has been added to the Outfitter.
  • The Full Moon Werewolf costume has been added to the Outfitter.
Avatar Shop Update
  • New hairstyles have been added to the Avatar Shop.
  • New inner armor styles have been added to the Avatar Shop.
  • New tattoos have been added to the Avatar Shop.
Halloween Update
  • Colhen is now decorated for Halloween

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