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Mega 08-24-2013 09:07 PM

Branch Changes - Patch Notes 1.85

Branch Changes - Patch Notes 1.85

In order to improve your gaming experience, we've implemented a ton of cool new features and squashed an army of bugs in this month’s update! Keep in mind that there might be additional changes ahead before the final version is released. In the meantime, you can check out the changes below:


Bug Fixes: Changes: Revamps: -Skills
-Functionality -Interface & Items
-New Additions
-Skill Changes
-Dungeon Changes -SEAL of Dedication Shop Renewal
-VIP Capsule/Service Revamp
-PVP Damage Revamped [BUG FIXES]

-Fixed a problem with the DOF effect lingering after Karok's Crash skill
-Fixed an issue with Environmental items giving Super Armor status
-Changed the damage calculation when using environmental items as a weapon
-Fixed a problem with the SP skill when Kai uses Rapid Fire
-Fixed a problem with the character freezing when Kai uses a charge skill
-Fixed a problem when Kai freezes after using Bolt Revolver
-Fixed a problem with Kai's arrow being fired from the Floor (PVP)
-Fixed an issue with Massive Impact/Bolt Storm not being usable after canceling from Quick Slot
-Fixed the error in the description for Lann and Vella's Berserker Spirit Skill
-Fixed an issue with Kai's crosshair disappearing after departing from the docks

-Fixed the lighting effect for the Junior Chieftain pet
-Fixed the fire animation when Kai uses Eagle Eye Assault after normal attacks
-Fixed the awkward weapon animation while in town
-Fixed the animation or motion distortion caused by the Catapult/Ballista
-Fixed an issue with the character disappearing during the ladder climbing motion
-Fixed the issue where the camera doesn’t follow you during the climbing motion
-Fixed a problem with Pet tooltip information being hidden
-Fixed the tooltip information for consumable items in Practice Mode

-Fixed the unlimited potion glitch
-Fixed a crash when a monster’s body and Evil Core dropped below the geography
-Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to proceed in the Throw! battle quest
-Fixed an issue where Vella couldn’t climb the ladder in the Sewer dungeon
-Fixed the collision issue where the Ice Blow is generated

-Fixed an issue with receiving rewards for Assists
-Fixed a problem with giving items via the Mail System
-Fixed a problem that occurred when launching the Fishing Boat without the necessary item
-Fixed a problem with equipping Fishing Tools on the Fishing Boat
-Fixed the title so it shows for all characters
-Fixed a problem with the Nighthawk Shield/Large Shields Weight
-Fixed the guild storage issue with placing/removing an item from storage
-Fixed the Whisper Chat Function
-Fixed the Block chat command functionality
-Fixed a problem with not being able to see other users’ accessories
-Fixed an issue where your existing equipment would be taken off after failing to equip an item


Interface and Item
-Changed some item icon images due to their similarity
-Added an Exploration Board to the Malina Map
-Revised the descriptions of items sold by NPC's
-Changed the order of the categories in the skill window
-You’re now able to see the Extend bottom on the permanent tab of the storage duration window
-The Super kayna Trinket can now be deleted from inventory
-Modified the Element Stones so expired Element Stones can no longer be used
-Quality Coupons can now be used on the Fomorian Book

New Additions
-Added a hotkey system for Evie's Memorize Skill
-A new Ladder Climb function has been added so players can now rapidly move up/down on the ladder
-Increased the ladder recognition range and angle
-Market Place Max/Min Price information will be listed for consumable and Material items
-Rocheste area Map has been added
-Malina area Map has been added
-Colhen area map has been added

Skill Changes:
-Critical Damage increase now properly applies after Transformation
-Reduced the Attack animation/delay when using Evie's Casting Save
-The delay after using the LIFE Flare motion has been reduced.
-The Delay after using the Standing Endurance motion has been reduced

Dungeon Changes:
-Changed the Jumping section in Ship Graveyard (Section 13f) to Climbing
-Item drop rates for S2EP1 dungeons have been increased. (Based on the Dungeon difficulty)
-Items dropped from by Zaka increased by 8%
-Items dropped from Kaula increased by 12%
-Items dropped by Kielu increased by .5%
-Items dropped by Monark increased by 5%
-Items dropped by Mad Willy Flint 1%


Premium Enhancement Rune Revamp:
- (Previous) Chances of an item going from +10 to +11 has been revised to 10%
- (Current) Chances of an item going from +10 to +11 has been revised to 40%, up from the previous 10%
- UPDATE: This change has not been applied to the Enhancement Rune system. The system has not been changed and remains the same. The percentage change was at 40% and will remain at 40%.

SEAL of Dedication Shop Renewal:
-Added Stimulants, which can now be purchased with Seal of Dedication
-Added Secondary Weapons. Players can now purchase sticky bombs, Fine Spears and etc.
-Prices have been adusted on rare items such as Life, Eternity Ergs, Magic Power, etc.
-Increased the number of Seal of Bravery that can be obtained by 12 per day

PVP revamped:
-The PVP damage formula used in Deathmatch has been revamped
-Damage calculation will scale depending on the players DEF to reduce the gap created by the difference in gear/equipment.

New Damage Calculation Forumla
Vindictus is all about skill and quick thinking, and we’ve made a few changes behind the scenes to keep it that way! We’ve tweaked the way that attack and defense interact in our damage formula so that newer characters who have less ATT aren’t up against a wall when they fight tough enemies or stronger players in PvP.

For example, a Fiona character with 16,000 ATT previously had nearly 3 times the damage output against Havan as a character with 12,000 ATT. Now, the gap has been reduced so that the same character with 16,000 ATT has approximately 2 times the damage output as the character with 12,000 ATT.

This change will give characters-in-training a fighting chance against tougher enemies IF they have the skill to pull it off. Having higher ATT and DEF will always be an advantage, but pure skill and stats like ATT Speed and Critical are also important. Check out the damage chart information below:

Attack Before Patch After Patch 8000 196 586 10000 315 1086 12000 952 1700 14000 1954 2419 16000 2956 3231 The chart above is for Fiona's Amaranth Kick damage when used on Havan, the Season 2 Raid Monster. (These tests were conducted in a situation where the Smash Mastery and the Amaranth Kick had the same rank)


VIP Capsule/Service:
-VIP Service will be updated on 9/4/2013.
-This new system will improve the current VIP capsule.

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