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06-19-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default Patch Notes

Patch Notes June Content Update

Season 2 episode 2: Twilight Desert has arrived with new dungeons, new skills, a mountain of bug fixes and improvements, and much more!

Check out the details below:

-New Additions
-Guild Changes
-Dungeon Improvements
-Dungeon Changes/FixesBUG FIXES
-User Interface

  • -Improved Mail System
  • -The Item attachment slot has been increased to 5
  • -You can now attach an item thatís in the Storage Chest
  • -Improved Enhancement Rune UI
  • -Improved Marketplace's Convenience
  • -You can now link an item in the Storage Chest to the Marketplace
  • -You can now search items by entering only the first letter of an item name
  • -You can now purchase a large number of listed items at once by clicking the Purchase ALL button
  • -Players are now able to jump over geographical features with the Real Jump skill
  • -Level 70-80 weapons have been rebalanced.
  • -Weapons either obtained or crafted during Season 2 will be increased
  • -All expired Cash items in the inventory will now be marked in Red
  • -Twilight Desert content has been added
  • -New Dungeons: Twilight Desert
  • -New Storyline: Season 2 Episode 2
  • -New Crafting Recipes
  • -New Gathering Profession
  • -New Weapons and Armor
  • -Players can now use the Copy & Paste function to paste into another window
  • -A new Mailbox has been installed in front of the Battle boat to Malina
  • -Guild level is now displayed when you use the Guild Search function
  • -Added a new search function to the Guild Inventory
  • PVP Changes:
  • -Improved Deathmatch Rules and Group balance
  • -Restricted the number of people revived when using the PVP Party Revival Feathers used in a Deathmatch
  • -The PVP Party Feather now revives 3 incapacitated party members
  • -Free Match number of teams changed from 8 to 6
  • -Defense groupís movement speed reduced from 90% to 80%
  • -Kai's Shortbow attacks can now be aimed automatically
  • -Fixed PVP ATT so it is now applied correctly in Deathmatch

  • Dungeon Improvement
  • -Improved the secondary Bonus mission objectives for most dungeons
  • -Players can now take 14 Spears to Crescent Moon Island, Ship Graveyard, and Twilight Desert dungeons
  • -Modified the amount of EXP received for S1 Raids Battles to be comparable with S2
  • -Increased the minimum battle clear time for all daily battles dungeons
  • -Reduced Normal Monstersí HP in both Crescent Moon Island & Ship Graveyard
  • -Reduced EXP for the Colhen in Flames battle
  • Dungeon Changes/Fixes:
  • -You can no longer move to a different section on the Season 2 map when you were out of combat
  • -Monsters will no longer respawn when returning to an original sector
  • -The Morrighan Courier buff will be maintained even when you are revived from death after completing the Trial of Macha
  • -Zaka will now spawn immediately after you defeat the normal monsters in Crescent Moon Island
  • -The bushes in Crescent Mood Island that blocked view are now transparent
  • -Siren Witches & Slaves will no longer have Super Armor during its phases
  • -All AoE status effects are now applied properly when you are within range
  • -Improved the Ship Graveyard Stage collisions-Monsters will now spawn correctly when entering sector 13e of Crescent Mood Island
  • -The Crescent Moon Island Area Map now properly displays all of Sector I


EVIE Hallucination
-New Hallucination Skill has been added

Lightning Bolt
-New Lightning Bolt skill has been added

Lightning Wave
-New Lightning Wave skill has been added
-An attack where 5 bolts of lightning shoots out

Fire Storm
-New Firestorm skill has been added
-An Area magic where a column of fire rises and starts a tornado of fire.

Fire Shock
-New Fire Shock skill has been added
-A projectile of flames that shoots out and leaves a path of fire it passes.

-New Memorize skill has been added
-A skill that allows you to stack skills and save it, where you can fire it instantly without a charging potion. (Total of 3 stacks)

Ice Blow
-New Ice Blow skill has been added
-Creates a column of ice is created which is then destroyed, where the shards are used to attack the enemies from long range.

Fire Mastery
-New Fire Mastery skill has been added
-When 3 fire property skill are all used, the DoT damage is increased.

Ice Mastery
-New Ice Mastery skill has been added
-When 3 ice properly skills are used, it increases the Frozen Time damage if all ice property spells.

Lightning Mastery
-New Lightning Mastery skill has been added
-When 3 Lightning property skills are used, it increases the amount of STAMINA that is restored.


Skill Rebalance

Rising Crescent skill has been added
Blade Tornado Skill has been added
Silent Hawk Skill has been added
Sudden Shock skill has been added
Grand Hurricane skill has been added

Thousand Needles
-4-Hit smash, which used to be Thousand Needles will be renamed to Fanning Slash
-A critical hit with Fanning Slash, will grant a "Sharp" status effect, which increases your critical Hit rate by 10%. This effect can be stacks up to the 10 times.
-Stamina will be consumed when performing a 4-Hit Smash

Fury NO.7
-You will now be able to target the nearest enemy automatically without directional key. The directional key will still be available as option.
-The first Fury will hit the boss monster and will now ignore Super Armor.
Twin Swords
-2 Hit Normal attack damage has been increased
-3 Hit Normal attack damage has been increased
-Added delay to 2-hit Smash and its additional Hits (Pummel Storm)
-The Damage of 3-Hit Smash(Blade Tornado has been increased
-Added delay to Double Crescent attack
-Stamina will be consumed when performing Double Crescent after Nimble Dash
-Slip Dash' basic invulnerability duration increased

Twin Spears
-2 Hit Normal attack damage has been increased
-3 Hit Normal attack damage has been increased
-4 Hit Normal attack damage has been increased

-Windmillís attack range increased
-Super Armor duration will be changed to invulnerability duration

KAROK -You'll no longer get a debuff or any abnormal status effects when you use Perfect Guard/Perfect Heavy Stander successfully.
-Damage for both Cestus & Battle pillar has been increased by 15%
-Increased the damage for Karok's SP skill, Hulking Fury
-Super armor has been removed from the Clash stanby motion
-1/2/3/4-hit Smash damage for Cestus has been increased
-1/2/3-hit Smash damage for Battle Pillar has been increased

-New Shouting skill has been added
-When equipped with a Battle Pillar, Karok can now use the new Shout ability to draw in enemies.

Blast Charge
-Blast Charge skill has been rebalanced

Clash Standby
-Clash Standby skill has been rebalanced

Weaving & Absorb Shock
-Weaving and Perfect Absorb Shock skill has been rebalanced

-New Taunt Skill has been added
-Able to use taunt only when you're equipped with a Large Shield
-Can be learned when Large Shield skill is in Rank F or higher
-Consumes 1 SP slot
-Skill video/explanation has been added

Hammer Change
-1-hit smash's hit box has been increased
-2-hit smash, Beetle Crusher has been added
-2-hit Smash's damage has been increased
-2-Hit Smash's SP acquisition has been increased
-2-Hit's Attack range has been increased
-4-hit Smash, damage for Stigma Hammer has been increased
-New animation for a fully charged 4-Hit smash will not cause monsters to Flinch.

-2-Hit Smash's damage increased
-3-Hit Smash's attack range increased

-Shield Charge can now change directions freely
-Shield Charge damage has been increased
-Large Shields cannot be destroyed
-Small Shields can be destroyed
-A Stamina reduction bonus will apply when you rank-up Heavy Stander skill
Shields durability will not decrease when perfect guard is activated

Heavy Stander
-Stamina is decreased when Heavy Stander is used
-Heavy Stander Counter's damage has been increased
-Heavy Stander Counter's range has been improved
-Heavy Stander Counter's additional hits have been removed
-Large Shields can now block Smash when perfect guard is used.

KAI Rapid Fire
-Huntsman Barrage has been renamed to "Rapid Fire"
-Charging time has been shortened
-1st charge now shoots 2 arrows
-2nd charge now shoots 3 arrows

Strafe Shot
-When performing Strafe shot, a cursor (Mini-game) was activated.
-A successful mark will grant a status effect that increases attack speed by 10%
-Continual completion will allow the effect to be stacked up to 3 times.
-A bow wielding Kai could jump any time when using Strafe Shot.

Fixed Shot
-New Fixed Shot skill has been added
-Fixed Shot consumes 100 SP
-Fixed Shot charges 2 times faster than Longbow Strafe Shot.
-A fully charged Fixed Shot inflicts double damage(Normal Hit + 50% penetration damage)

Chain Link
-Chain link is now shot out in the form of an Arrow
-A monster that wanders beyond the range, an electricity effect will be applied
-The electricity damage effects occurs every 2 seconds
-250 SP will be consumed

-Magnum shot damage have been lowered
-Magnum Shot charge stage have been decreased from 6 to 3
-Magnum shot still penetrates up to 4 times in all stages
-Each hit decreases the damage by 50%

Arrow Storm
-A new animation has been added where a motion of drawing an arrow from the quiver has been added


  • -Fixed a problem where an un-equip able enchanted item displays as being equipable.
  • -Fixed/corrected the problem of not being able to save a screenshot after a battle is completed
  • -Fixed/corrected the occasional problem when shifting into Full Screen mode.
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem when obtaining an Evil Core from a defeated monster.
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem with unblocking a character when you block a character that doesnít exist in the game.
  • -Fixed/corrected the UI getting cut off when changing to from Full screen to Window Mode.
  • -Fixed an issue where the SP gauge only fills up half way during the Deathmatch.
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem where a party members Outfit equipment keeps getting destroyed.

  • -Fixed/corrected the issue that caused low performance in the Kraken Map
  • -Fixed/corrected the issue of monsters spawning behind collisions and beyond the invisible door in The Five Spider Brothers battle.
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem with Super Armor being maintained when Karok uses the Class skill.
  • -Fixed/corrected the jumping mechanics when evading Mad Willys Flint attack.
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem with the boss monster not showing up during the Gatekeeper of the Catacombs battle.
  • -An invisible door was added in the Seas Hag Kamina battle in the 13d sector.
  • -Fixed/corrected an issue that allowed you to create a ship from other towns.
  • -Fixed/correct a problem when a character freezes when caught by Krakens Leg after making a critical hit
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem where players died upon entering DS raids
  • -Fixed corrected a problem with the BGM cutting out in the Ship Graveyard and Crecent Moon Island.
  • -Fixed corrected the flash effect the repeats indefinitely when you return after completing the DS battle quest.

  • -Fixed/corrected the problem with the Avatar Shop's hide hat motion.
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem with the individual ranking title that doesnít get updated when in a guild.
  • -Fixed/corrected a problem the SKill UI's Next Ranking information becoming undefined
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06-19-2013   #2 (permalink)
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Guild: Titans/ggFTW

Ermahgerd. Those Evie skills.

Must try them out.

edit: OH LORDY.

These new skills are amazing. Extra freezing power, powerful fire blasts, and ranged lightning.

And the "skill-save" thing makes for fun, stylish elemental combos.

Last edited by PKShota; 06-19-2013 at 11:20 PM.


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