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Mega 05-02-2013 04:29 AM

Traveler's Challenge Event!

Powerful accessories are a necessity on the battlefield, and the Traveler’s Challenge Event is your chance to pick up one of the most powerful accessories in the game! Talk to Shayla to receive a temporary Dream Brooch then head to the Inn at Colhen to start “The Traveler’s Test” event quest. Complete the Strange Traveler’s challenge and you’ll turn that temporary Dream Brooch permanent! Event Name:
-Travelers Challenge Event

Event Time:
-5/1/2013 ~ 5/14/2013

Event Requirement:
-Must be at least level 5
-Talk to Shayla to receive a FREE Dream Brooch (Temporary)
-Talk to the Strange Traveler to obtain "Event: The Traveler's Test"
-Trade 600 Cat Coupons to upgrade the Dream Brooch to permanent duration

Event Description:
Defeat any of the following Season 2 bosses to receive the Cat Coupon event item:

-Mad Willy Flint

If you’re just a few coupons shy and you need a boost, you can stop by the Supply Depot to get additional coupons. This purchase is limited to 4 per character and will only be available until May 14th, 2013. Cash Item:
-Cat Coupon (100 Stack) 2900 NX

Limited Sale:
-There will be 4 separate packages(100 Stack Cat Coupon) available in the Supply Depot. Each package can only be purchased once.

Sale Date:
-5/1/2013 ~ 5/14/2013

-Supply Depot

BoredomKillz 05-02-2013 08:10 AM

>saw free permanent acc

oh cool!

>kill 600 bosses

ya ok.....

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