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Mega 03-28-2013 01:55 PM

Mystic Outfit on Sale Now

The Outfitter is always looking for new sets for you to take into battle, and the next addition is already on its way. If you havenít already, go and check out the wild styles we have to offer.
The Mystic Outfit:

The fanciful Mystic Outfit is coming out on March 27th, available in all shapes and sizes. This oneís a real eye-catcher, sure to leave your enemies baffled.

Outfit Name:
Mystic Outfit (4 Piece Set)
March 27th ~ April 15th
Outfitter Shop
31,900 NX
Limited-Time Offer:

This gregarious getup is no laughing matter, and itís only available until April 17th! So put a smile on that face and get serious with the new Mystic Outfit.

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