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Mega 03-14-2013 04:10 PM

The New Outfitter Shop Mercenaries,

Fashion is deeply ingrained in Vindictus culture and the new Outfitter System is here to deepen your wardrobe and Keep you up on all the hottest new trends! Fashionistaís and connoisseurs rejoice, Itís time to get stylin! THE NEW OUTFITTER

will give you a brand new look, while keeping the same stats. You donít have to care about fashion to know what looks good on your character. Add a little flair to your look and turn some heads on the battlefield!


head over the Avatar Shop and check out the New Outfitter. Mix and match all your favorites to perfect your look. Also, dont miss out on the limited time sale of the Vampire Slayer and St. Patricks Day outfits.

Samurai Outfit 19,900(Set) NX
Fighter Outfit 19,900(Set) NX
Korean Traditional Outfit 19,900(Set) NX
Boyish Qi Pao Outfit 19,900(Set) NX
Mystic Lady Outfit 31,900(Set) NX
Availability: 3/27 ~ 4/9
Vampire Slayer Outfit 31,900(Set) NX
Availability: 3/14 ~ 3/26
St. Patrick Days Outfit 27,900(Set) NX
Availability: 3/14 ~ 3/26

XIIAlexIIX 03-14-2013 11:20 PM

I'm liking the vampire slayer set

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