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03-14-2013   #1 (permalink)
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IGN: MegaBoy740
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Default Patch Notes: March Content Update

Patch Notes March Content Update

The March content update is now live, bringing you features like the Cross Gun and FREE FOR ALL PVP! This is one of the biggest updates in Vindictus history, so you donít want to miss out! Check out all the new improvements and additions below.

Sale Items


  • Kaiís 2nd Weapon has been added
  • -Players can now obtain Kaiís 2nd Weapon skill through the Skill Storyline
  • -Cross Gun Weapons have been added
  • New Practice Mode Raid has been added<
  • -Players can practice running raids without losing any consumables (DS Raids not included)
  • -No rewards (EXP, ITEMS, ETC) can be gained
  • -Revive for Free
  • -Practice Coupon required to enable Practice Mode
  • -New Practice mode UI added
  • New PVP Rewards have been added
  • -PVP rewards can be purchased with the 'Triumph Medal,' which is a Deathmatch reward
  • - Lv. 40-80 armor and weapons will be added
  • -Accessories require significantly fewer seals
  • Free for all Team Deathmatch has been added
  • Non guild members can participate in the Team Deathmatch
  • New Storyline Inventory Tab has been added
  • -All storyline items will now be placed in the new Story Inventory Tab


  • -Change the way Gwynn/Tieve appear in Season 2
  • -Fixed the Channing Panel bugs & minimize the number of its appearance
  • -Minimized the number of times the Chat window appears
  • -Fixed stats that don't decrease when a 1 Star Cestus/Bow/Cross Gun is crafted
  • -Fixed a system message issue when a title is obtained upon completing a story
  • -Fixed a problem with the Quick Slot recharging endlessly
  • -Made a revision so Succubus can't use Energy Absorption consecutively
  • -Fixed a problem with Kai's figure getting distorted in the Avatar Shop
  • -Fixed the guild level-up abuse/glitch
  • -Fixed the guild benefits (dye fee) glitch when waiting to join the guild
  • -Fixed a problem with players being able to create 'Guardian of the West' of the Royal Army Raid on their own
  • -Fixed a cosmetic problem with the Royal Knight Armor and Everlasting Gloves
  • -Fixed the number of Chain Hooks required to destroy Glas Ghaibhleann


  • -Lowered the difficulty of Season 2 Episode 1 normal/story battles
  • -Change the sorting order of Season 2 battles
  • -Players below the designated level can't list Dye Ampoule items on the Marketplace
  • -The interface for a list of Bonus Missions has changed during battles
  • -Slightly decreased the DEF & Critical resistance of the Raid Bosses (Lakoria, Kraken, Havan)
  • -Revised the function of the Pet Revival Stone
  • -The ĎFor Honorí quest has been revised so players can complete the story more easily
  • -Pets will no longer attack story quest NPCs
  • -Implemented daily battles for Season 2
  • -Rankings will now be displayed in the in-game banner
  • -New Skin color palettes have been added
  • -Shop prices on weapons & armor have been adjusted


  • Weapon Surprise Supplies
  • -New weapons such as the Cross Gun have been added to the Weapon Surprise Supplies
  • -Available in the Supply Depot
  • Avatar Shop Update
  • -New Hairstyles have been added
  • -New Shining Inner Armor has been added
  • -Available in the Avatar Shop
  • New Avatar Outfitter
  • -Vampire Slayer Outfit Added
  • -St. Patrickís Day Outfit Added
  • -Kimono Outfit Added
  • -Samurai Outfit Added
  • -Dragon Outfit Added
  • -Boyish Qi Pao Outfit Added
  • -Mystic Outfit Added
  • -Fighter Outfit Added
  • -New Outfitter Shop Added


  • Kaiís Cross Gun Event
  • -Achieve rank A in Kai's Cross Gun Skill Mastery to receive a 7 day weapon
  • -Reward: +5 Ivory Cross Gun(7 Day)
  • -Event Duration: 3/14 Ė 3/26
  • Easter Event
  • -Visit the Strange Traveler every day for a reward
  • -Reward: Easter Necklace (12 Hours)
  • -Event Duration: 3/20 Ė 4/3
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