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Mega 01-24-2013 02:32 PM

January Patch Notes
Not like it concerns me anymore, but isn't that kind of a nerf to Evie changing her magic arrow to only shoot 1 again?


PATCH NOTES: January Content Update

The January Content Update is now live, bringing new features like the Guild PVP Death Match to Vindictus. Kick it into high gear because you don’t want to miss out on this month’s new additions!

Classes/New Skills
Bug Fixes
Changes/UI Improvements
Sale Items


  • [Item Restoration System]
  • Items destroyed upon Enhancing can be restored
  • Items destroyed upon Enchanting can be restored
  • Maximum AP increased to 50,000
  • [New Guild System]
  • New Guild Leveling system added
  • New GP (Guild Point) system added
  • [New Guild Skills]
  • Increase Battle EXP
  • Dye Fee Discount
  • Marketplace Discount
  • Repair Fee Discount
  • Enhancement Gold Fee Discount
  • Increase Battle AP
  • Guild Campfire
  • Guild Advanced Feather

  • [SP: Radical Fear]
  • Skill that attacks nearby enemies for an instant
  • Super Armor while in effect
  • 250 SP Cost/5 sec cooldown
  • Can be obtained at level 8/3000 gold
  • [Gliding Fury]
  • Twin Sword Attack speed increased
  • Critical hit UI doesn’t appear after Smash
  • [SP: Focal Point]
  • Two sword strikes at once
  • Super Armor while in effect
  • 250 SP Cost/5 sec cool down
  • Can be obtained at level 8/3000 gold
  • [SP: Battle Scythe: Confusion Hole]
  • Evie draws energy and pulls all nearby enemies toward her
  • Super Armor while in effect
  • 250 SP Cost/5 sec cool down
  • Can be obtained at level 24 and above/18000 gold
  • [Battle Scythe]
  • Basic attacks/Smash attacks are now easier
  • Damage to target added for 2-4 hit drain attacks
  • When you gather other drains, then drain damage increased
  • [Mark of Death]
  • Marked by Mark of Death changed to same race, not type
  • [Life Drain]
  • Life Drain can now reach rank 6
  • Release damage also buffed on top of life drained and wisp HP
  • You can now use Life Drain (1 hit drain) after a jump smash
  • [Spirit Bind]
  • Spirit Bind can now reach rank 6
  • You can use Spirit Bind (2 hit drain) after additional Blade Shift hits
  • [Magic Critical Hits]
  • Magic Critical Hits can now reach rank 6
  • [SP: Sacrifice]
  • SP: Sacrifice can reach rank 6.
  • [Advanced magic Arrow]
  • Advanced Magic Arrow now shoots only one projectile
  • Advanced Magic Arrow range increased by 10%
  • Advanced Magic Arrow damage increased
  • [SP: Whirlwind]
  • Karok swings the pillar around striking all nearby enemies
  • 500 SP Cost/5 sec cooldown
  • Can be obtained at level 30/20000 gold
  • [SP: Cestus: Raging Volcano]
  • Karok smashes an opponent to the ground and continuously slams them up to 4 times
  • 250 SP Cost/5 sec cooldown
  • Can be obtained at level 24 and above/18000 gold

  • “Royal Secrets” story bug fixed
  • Vella inner armor clipping bug fixed
  • Guild window announcement now works
  • Bug where dodge incorrectly displayed when you enter Mercenary Training Site in mouse mode fixed
  • Fixed the intermittent invincibility of a bare-handed character
  • Fixed jumping mechanic in the Ship Graveyard (sector F to G)
  • Fixed the indication of NPC button on the Minimap
  • Expertise data on Craft has been revised
  • Boss Icon has been added to Area Map
  • Chat Panel option has been revamped
  • Fixed a problem with the pixelated Party window for a party of 8 players in a Town
  • Fixed a problem with binding when trading Superior items through the Guild Storage
  • The White Shark Glove's skill requirement changed from Heavy Armor to Platesmithing
  • Fixed a problem with the inability to create the same character name even 30 days after deleting the character

  • New portrait has been added to character window
  • Increase scroll status effect icon changed to scroll shape
  • Fishing boat normal difficulty removed
  • Overall maps of Crescent Moons Isle and Ship Graveyard Changed
  • Navigation Icon will now be hidden when you hide the UI
  • Ring of Caresses level requirement changed to 50
  • Stamina consumption for Karok and Kai when running has been reduced
  • Blessing Stone AP bonus Buffed
  • Gold penalty no longer applied when Divine Blessing Stone is used
  • Beginner Guild Recommendation System has been added

  • AP Gachapon Giveaway Event
  • Guild Member Bonus Event

  • Large Skill Reset Capsule
  • Skill Un-train Capsule
  • Ultimate Package

PKShota 01-24-2013 04:49 PM

Many times only the middle arrow for my Evie hit because of slight off-aiming or that the middle arrow's range was very slightly farther than the other two. Besides, the smaller side arrows didn't seem very noticeable to me. The main arrow gets buffed anyways, in terms of range and damage.

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