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Mega 09-21-2012 05:19 PM

Patch Notes September Content Update

The September Content Update is now live, and a ton of new features have been added to Vindictus! See all the improvements and additions below.

Bug Fixes

UI Improvements

Class Changes

BUG Fixes:

  • There was an issue where remaining AP obtain time was shown abnormally for characters that hadn't logged in recently.
  • The issue of Bloody Thread stacking with other drains has been fixed.
  • The issue of characters slipping during bare-handed battle has been fixed.
  • It will no longer be possible to send mail to yourself.
  • Fixed a bug involving the use of the auto-run function.
  • An issue where the mouse cursor disappeared has been fixed.
  • Unlimited Eagle Eye Assault and Ricochet Shot with Kai have been fixed.
  • The usage period of Storage Chest time extension window will no longer be affected by the local clock.
  • Fixed the issue of the restart message displaying multiple times during option configuration.
  • The issue of Skill Cooldown/SP consumption failing sporadically has been fixed.
  • The issue where Attack Speed didnít take effect when it was received or disappeared in town was fixed.
  • Items purchased from the shop can no longer be disassembled.


  • Changes to HP potions
    • HP Potion recovery amount 500
    • Fine HP Potion recovery amount 750
    • Superior HP Potion recovery amount 1100
  • Merc Recovery Potion recovery amount:
    • Lv. 1-59: 1300 HP
    • Lv. 60-69: 1500 HP
    • Lv. 70: 1700 HP
  • Pet HP & ATK increased
    • Gremlin's ATT and HP were increased properly.
    • Punk Gremlin's ATT and HP were increased properly.
    • War Gremlin's ATT and HP were increased properly.
  • Boss Brawl and Triple Match Reward system changed
    • Additional points are awarded to the user who placed first & second in terms of Kill/Death
    • Additional points are awarded to the Winning Team
  • New video added to explain the new quick slot usage method
    • New control videos has been added for Kai, Evie, Lann, Fiona and Karok
  • New Title color function has been added
    • The # of titles you have changes the title color accordingly
  • Character Body Type has been added
    • You can now change the character body type from the creation window
      • Height, Waist, Arms, Legs, Shoulders & Muscle
  • Real Jump Function has been added
    • Jump button added in the controls option menu
    • New Jump attack animation added for all classes.
  • 5 SP slots has been added.
    • SP now has 5 slots (changed from 4 to 5).
  • Skill Rank Max limit removed
    • Skills that were only able to go up to Rank A can now go up to Rank 6
  • Maximum number of consumable items has been increased
    • Max HP Potions increased to 400
    • Max Superior HP Potions increased to 400
    • Max Merc Recovery Potions increased to 200
  • New Goddess Grace function
    • All characters resurrected using the Goddess Grace Item will have their current SP increased to 500.

UI Improvements:

  • Armor Smithing Expertise Panel Now Exits
  • Marketplace UI
  • Marketplace category for Spirit Stone
  • Skill UI is easier to use.
  • Mailing System/Message
  • Facebook Link function added
  • UI Damage Display
  • Character creation UI revamped
  • New Quick Slot expanded to 10
  • Main / Sub Story is now separated
  • EXP displayed in character info window
  • New Valuable Item Notification Message


  • [Battle Scythe]
    • Battle Scythe Attack speed increased
    • Battle Scythe damage has been increased by 30%
  • [Battle Scythe: Blink]
    • stamina cost reduced by 15
  • [Alchemy: Create Golem]
    • Golem Attack Power and HP has been increased
  • [Alchemy: Mana Pistol]
    • Mana Pistols Attack Power and HP has been increased
  • [Battle Scythe: Spirit Bind]
    • HP of Spirit(Wisp) has been increased
  • [SP: Regeneration]
    • HP recovery amount has been increased
  • [Alchemy: Erg Transformation]
    • The recovery amount has been increased by 15
  • [Shield Bash]
    • You can now perform up to 2 additional attacks
  • [Fury Infusion]
    • The HP consumption amount was adjusted to 7% Fury Infusion icon was changed
  • [Absorb Shock]
    • Damage absorption increased by 4 per second
  • [SP: Howl]
    • HP recovery rate increased
  • [SP: Hurricane]
    • New Cestus skill Hurricane has been added
  • Paladin [Conviction]
    • Conviction Shield stat has changed to 960.
  • Paladin [Discipline]
    • Absorption amount increased by 192
      • Changed to Disciple Lv. 1's stat (1152).
      • Changed to Disciple Lv. 2's stat (1344).
      • Changed to Disciple Lv. 3's stat (1536).
      • Changed to Disciple Lv. 4's stat (1728).
      • Changed to Disciple Lv. 5's stat (1920).
  • [Health Mastery]
    • Doubled the base HP amount for each rank

Random update! lol.

BoredomKillz 09-21-2012 06:32 PM

the wonky jump system has been added! and nice buffs to scythe evie x] too bad i still suck with her qq overall nice though /o/

perhaps we will get the new place soon /shot

Mega 09-21-2012 07:29 PM

Vella plz. Even though she's close range :|

I don't know whether to keep leveling Kai or go back to my Evie though... Struggling to get Kai to 38 @_@;

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