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Mega 08-22-2012 05:35 PM

Kids Playground Event

Deep within the Perilous Ruins lies a playground where Gnoll cubs gather to play. The area used to be safe, but a group of Giant Toads has arrived to feast on the helpless Gnoll cubs.
As the Gnoll Chieftain struggles to protect his young, he calls for your help to defeat the Giant Toads! Starting August 22, head over to the Traveler’s Shop in Colhen and talk to Kristie to participate in The Kids Playground Event.
-Event Begins: August 22, 2012
-Event Ends: September 4, 2012

-Must be at least level 10
-Must complete [Decisive Battle]
-Talk to Kristie and receive the Battle Quest [A Toad on the Playground]
Reward Items Toy Twin Sword Toy Twin Spears Toy Long Sword Toy Shield Toy Giant Shield Toy Long Hammer Toy Staff Toy Scythe Toy Battle Pillar Toy Cestus Toy Bow

Will you set your differences aside and help the Gnoll Chieftain protect his Gnoll cubs?

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