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Mega 05-16-2012 03:23 PM

The Seal Currency System

Greetings Mercenaries,

We will soon be creating a new seal currency system, which will be accessed through a new sub-menu in the character menu. Seals of Dedication, which were once received by reviving a fallen mercenary, will return, and Seals of Enjoyment will be removed from the game.

The new seal currency system includes the following types of seals:
  • Seals of Bravery - Obtained after completing certain battles, such as The Central Gardens, Colru the Golem, and The Dark, Dank Sewers.
  • Seals of Dedication - Obtained after reviving a fallen mercenary with a Phoenix Feather.
  • Combat Seals - Obtained after completing PvP skirmishes, such as Monster Brawl and Capture the Relic.

You will be allowed a maximum of 100 Combat Seals, 1000 Seals of Battle, and 200 Seals of Dedication. If you currently have more than 100 combat seals, you’ll receive 30 gold in exchange for each seal over 100. You’ll also receive 15 gold for each Seal of Enjoyment you own.

Gold for these seals will be deposited directly into your storage chest after the update.

Be sure to check the Royal Army Recruit for all the new items you can purchase via the new seal currency system.
So....they're putting them back in? The wording is confusing....we haven't been able to obtain these for quite a while.

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