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Default Dye the snow crimson with three events!

Celebrate the holidays with three bloody fun events!

Snow is falling in Colhen and Rocheste - the holidays have arrived! There's plenty to do in Vindictus and you'll be dying the snow crimson in the name of the Goddess! We've got three events to keep you busy through these frigid days.

Defend the Goodies!

The Fomors are attacking a sleigh of wrapped gifts and it's your job to stop them. Visit the Colhen Inn and speak to the Strange Traveler. The Strange Traveler will provide you with seven tickets to use for a special event battle. You may only carry seven tickets a day, so make sure to use them all before returning to the Strange Traveler the next day for a new stack of tickets.

This is no typical battle, either, you will not be able to engage the attacking Fomors with conventional means. Instead, you will be presented with piles of snowballs and special deployable automated turrets. After a few moments of entering the special battle in Hoarfrost Hallow, festively-dressed Fomors will begin advancing down the gauntlet in an attempt to ruin your holidays. Stop them at all costs! Throw snowballs and set up turrets - let not one Fomor reach the cache of gifts! When you successfully defend the pile of gifts, you will receive a Christmas Coupon Crate. Christmas Coupon Crates contain up to five Christmas Kitty Coupons.

Christmas Kitty Coupons? That's correct! These coupons may be redeemed by Hereta who is located on the road between Colhen and Rocheste. Hereta will exchange coupons for rare and exceptional items including Santa Boots, Santa Claus Hat, Santa Jacket, and Snow White Wings, among other treasures.

Should you wish to participate more in the Defend the Goodies! battle quest, you may purchase additional battle tickets from the Supply Depot.

Post Decorating

The festive Strange Traveler once again has another holiday request of you. It seems people all over the world enjoy decorating "scratching posts." You must inquire around the town of Colhen and see what the residents think would make good scratching post decorations.

As with all things in the sleepy town of Colhen, the simple task of decorating a tree turns into a wild goose chase of sorts. Once you have gathered all the materials needed by the people of Colhen, return to the Strange Traveler for your Santa-themed hotpants!

Making Little Men

It's not like it sounds! Get your head out of the latrine, Mercenary! What's the holiday season without holiday treats? Nel's got the same sentiment. Head to Rocheste and find Nel in the Royal Army Base. She's got quite a shopping list, and you're just the little gopher she needs to collect the ingredients!

Run over to Caryl at the Bar in Rocheste and pick up the required ingredients. Head back to Nel and she'll mix all the ingredients and put them in the oven.

Or not.

That's your job, Mercenary! Use the recipe book provided by Nel to learn the Snowman Delight and Gingerbread Man recipes. When you have all your ingredients ready, go to the kitchen near the Bar in Rocheste. Whip up a batch of Snowman Delights and Gingerbread Men.

Once you have finished slaving away in the kitchen, return to Del for your reward: a title dripping with innuendo!

Note: you must be level 25 or higher in order to learn the Cooking Expertise. Cooking Expertise may be learned from Caryl in Rocheste.

With THREE events to keep your blades sharpened and your legs moving, you're sure to have plenty to do this holiday season!
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