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Mega 11-12-2011 12:41 AM

Knowledge is Power!

Attention, Mercenaries,

It is often said that knowledge is power. If we are to defeat our hated foes, we must use all the knowledge we have at our disposal. For one edifying day, Ferghus, the blacksmith of Colhen, would like to offer you a bit of his own!

Make sure you’re logged in to Vindictus on November 12 at 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, and 7:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM, 9:00 PM, and 10:00 PM Eastern) to be eligible to receive Ferghus's Enhancement Box. You can use the box to enhance just about any piece of armor in your inventory! Be aware that using Ferghus's Enhancement Box cannot increase equipment past +10.

Note: Ferghus’ Enhancement Boxes will be distributed to qualifying players during the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, November 16.

Show your power, Mercenaries!

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