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badna0 02-07-2010 09:47 AM

2/3/10 New update patch note!

Our Valkyrie Sky Development Team would like to introduce the new updates for February 3rd.

1. Level Extension to 50

The highest level in the game will now be set to 50. It has come to our attention that some
of you feel that leveling up may be difficult in Valkyrie Sky, but once you start playing you,
will realize that it does not take much time or effort to level up. Many users in the upper
levels tend to max up within a few days of the level extensions. Our main objective for the
game was not for characters to level up, but we have noticed that many players spend hours
just to max up. Raising the required experience will only make the game slower and boring.
So we will be focusing future updates on activities that involve more interactions that are
not limited to player-to-player. These activities will allow even maxed-up players to
participate in and enjoy a stronger community.

2. 2nd Level Job Change

Starting at level 30, you will now be able to perform a 2nd Level Job Change.
Additional jobs can also be obtained at level 45. Once you have performed
2nd Level Job Changes for every job in a Class, you will receive a skill that will increase
the attack level of your weapon as it undergoes a Metamorphosis.
For example, a Swordsman's typical sword may change into a giant sword, whip, or spear.
Plus, depending on the type of weapon it changes into, a special attack skill will also be
applied to it. If you want, you can also add JP to your Metamorphosis Skill to use at a later
time when you need to strengthen it. Not a bad little option, don't you agree? :)

In order to start a Job Change, you will need a Job Change License. Once obtained,
the Job Change window will show you the job in which the License can be applied.
Once the Job Change has been performed, the License will disappear. Boss Monsters in
levels 25 or higher will randomly drop Job Change Licenses. Licenses dropped by
different monsters will vary and you are allowed to exchange and trade them with your friends.
The more friends you have, the more you increase your chances to get Job Changes!

3. Hard Mode

A Hard Mode has been added to each area. Normally, the game is set to Normal Mode,
and once you have cleared 5 levels of Normal Mode, the Hard Mode will open. Hard Mode is
a "Fight to the Death!" As long as the character does not die, the stage will continue.
If the character dies once, the stage will end immediately. Hard Mode can only be played
solo and once a day at each area. It's a hard life being the very best Valkyrie...
just joking, sorry! :)

Medals will also be awarded depending on your score in the Hard Mode.
Don't get too excited though, these medals are only awarded when you surpass your
highest score in each area. For example, if a player gains 10 medals in Dry Valley one day
and the next day plays only enough to gain 9 medals, this does not mean the player will
now have 19 medals. They must score enough to earn at least 11 medals and then 1 medal
will be added to the previous high score of 10 medals to bring the total to 11.
It may sound a little confusing, but basically it means your Hard Mode score is equivalent to
the number of medals you have on record in that area. Is that easier? :D

To trade your medals for reward items, you can then go to Vessla in Kirrdroa Village to
obtain Gran, which is based on the number of medals you have. Some first-timers may get
a little lost looking for Vessla. All you have to do is walk up the hill in Kirrdroa where you
will find a young lady looking through a magical book of spells. The number of medals you
have does not reduce when you obtain reward items; they continue to represent your score
and qualifications to obtain reward items. Certain reward items may turn out to be special
enchants that can be used on attachable items. Remember to check out new enchants by
asking Vessla and Turk! Remember that enchants from Turk and Vessla may sometimes overlap.

Rankings from Hard Mode will be displayed, so if you work hard enough, you can claim
the highest score in all of Erden. Doesn't hurt to try and hold an honorable title, right?

4. Maximum Durability Reduction Stopped

There has been a sharp decrease in the reduction of maximum Durability because of users'
complaints about the Durability System. Therefore, attachable items can be used longer
than before, but the cost to repair has increased slightly.

We are working diligently to solve the reduction issue concerning Durability.
We feel that this compromise should be met with a similar compensation.
The simplest solution will be to either pay a small fee for the changes or giving up items
that are associated with the equipment. When we come to a solution about this issue,
we will inform you.

In addition to all of the above changes, some new costumes and items have been added
to the Cash Shop, so go and take a look!

As game developers, we welcome all your constructive feedback and thank you for
your support. We hope that you will continue to enjoy playing in the world of Valkyrie Sky,
and we will be sure to come back with more news in the future.

Thank you,
Valkyrie Sky.
Not too bad, Hard Mode is fun, I got 99 points in Dry Valley the other day. Nub villa ftw.

Anyone from ggftw still playing this? <<IGN fLick3r(12 archer)/oshi(6 tamer)>>

Nihil679 02-07-2010 10:45 AM

Still no Swordsman un-nerf. |:

crazyhealer 02-08-2010 02:15 AM

Tried hard mode in the past 2 days. Been wondering why my medals didn't increase on the second day. This explains it.

Ign : Marami

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