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Note 12-18-2009 07:29 PM

[Game Kiss] Developer's Diary #5

Greetings, this is Valkyrie Sky.
This week’s topic is our indispensable Quest system.

In the last test, we watched how the players accomplish and resolve
various missions and mishaps. Every time you complete a quest, much exp.
and Grans were offered in return for the work you put in. You worked hard
at it and you were rewarded with what you were expecting to get.
It is evident that the quest system plays a big part in clearing stages and
helps your character to grow. In our opinion, the titles ‘Supporter’ and
‘Savior’ were especially great rewards.
(We are preparing more awesome titles, so keep your fingers crossed!)

(The title ‘Savior of Erden’ – acquirement condition was to complete lots of quests)

The closed beta testers had to visit the Councils numberless times to
complete the quests. New maps had to be searched for and multiple visits
were required to wipe out the monsters. After all that was the boss stage.
This kind of method is a simple and easy way to level up but the repetition
of same actions becomes tedious after some time. Those who already have
figured out the gaming system of Valkyrie Sky must have guessed in the last
episode, but several changes have been made to different aspects of the game
including the life system, PvP system and the pattern combining system to ease
some of the stress generated. We wanted the players who already enjoy these

systems to have even more fun and the players who didn’t care about them to grasp

some amusement that come from somewhere other than the stages.

Now let’s take a look at fishing and cooking quests first.
The fishing quests can be accomplished only through fishing.
When you accept the quest, the required fish has to be fished to count as quest success.
During quests, you won’t always catch the quest fish right away, so please be patient
wait for the right ones. Watch you don’t cook or sell the quest fish before you complete
the quest because you will have to catch them again!

The cooking quests, on the other hand, can be accomplished by returning to the NPC with
purchased items from the Auction House. But then, if the NPC wants a “well-cooked” item,
then you may have to cook yourself depending on the condition. In that case,
I’m guessing you will have to put in a lot of effort. That’s right. Cooking “well”
is infinitely a difficult task for me.

(The cooking, fishing quests of Mugin and Rasmu)

Next, we will look into the performing and pattern combination quests.
For these quests, you must accomplish the missions like other quests, but they will seem

to make more sense than the cooking and fishing quests. But if it starts you off right for
performing and pattern combination, then we are satisfied.

The quest missions are simple and not complicated at all. For performing quests, the mission
is to play your musical score from beginning to the end and have a certain number of people
listen to you. For pattern combination quests, the mission is to put together some patterns
for a certain number of times consecutively. Very easy, don’t you think?
When you complete a quest, more related quests with more difficult missions will be given.
So don’t forget to challenge yourself for the rest of the quest series.

(5 times is no sweat!)

Let’s take a look at PvP quests now. You were introduced to the many changes made in
PvP last week. Do you remember the story about the NPC Harrd? When you reach the

PvP-eligible level 20, and visit Harrd in Abysmal Labyrinth. He will bring out inner desires

and fill you up with passion for dueling, because he is the one who gives PvP quests.
I hope you will find out how Harrd, the Labyrinth and dueling are all related together.
(Can I wear Harrd’s equipments too?)

Lastly, you’re not worried that you and the councils of Flygheim will grow cold of you, are you?
(The leaders of the 4 councils of Flygheim who used to give numerous quests)

Life and PvP quests will be added but you won’t lose any interaction between the

4 Councils that have many quests to give. :D We are definitely not trying to, either,

because these Councils play a very important role in the world of Valkyrie Sky.

They still have much to tell you about their destiny linked to the continent of Erden.

We will gradually reveal their past and the present to you so go ahead and look forward to it!

This has been an episode about the changed quest system.
How did you like it? Every time the diary is issued, we get butterflies in our stomach

thinking about your reaction and hope we are getting closer to fulfilling players’ needs.
We will cut it short here today. Keep your eyes open for more updates!

And more power to Valkyrie Sky!

Thank you.

BoredomKillz 12-18-2009 10:17 PM

hmmmm more quests is fine with me xD saves me from grinding the same stages over and over again or some of those repeatable quests x]


Originally Posted by Note (Post 1098985)

I hope you will find out how Harrd, the Labyrinth and dueling are all related together.

lolpun xD

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