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Default The Empire - Guild for Summer MMORPG


About a month prior I determined that I wanted to lay waste to my summer by contending an MMORPG as a die-hard gamer. My history as a guild leader also tells me that I should erect a 'guild core' for this experience. So that we together as a circle can designate an MMORPG to hack and slash our way through and establish ourselves as an ingame guild. This means that I'll be looking for genuinely dedicated members that have the same plans for the summer as myself.

Given the amount of free time I'll have on my hands the guild will be a tad special as some form of roleplay will be implied. The plan is to have an Empire with an absolute monarchy system. If you want to see an example of this, you could take a look at the Terran Confederacy in Starcraft or Britannia in Code Geass. (Royal family) The name of our guild simply describes what we are and how we work, it may look plain at first sight but I can assure you that our adversaries will speak of it with great terror. "The Empire"

Over the past month I've been doing my research and so far I've established this list of MMO's with their probability of being chosen:
  • Rift 57%
  • 4Story 2%
  • Albion Online 30%
  • Lineage 2 3%
  • Forsaken World 5%
  • Flyff 2%
  • Neverwinter 1%

Of course this list is by no means static.

If you wish to join the All Glorious Empire, fill in the form the below. Keep in mind that you will really have to stand out. The minimum age regarding recruitment is 16 and absolute maturity is a must. The aim for the core group is for it to consist out of absolute loyal generals and organisers, this means that you will have to be able to spend many hours/day on the game. You should love to lead others whilst not being afraid of following orders.
(Using large texts to state your case will allow me to better evaluate your personality!)
  • Why do you wish to join The Empire?
  • Do you have any talents regarding guild related affairs?
  • How would you describe your personality?
  • What do you think about roleplay?
  • What is your age/name?
  • How can I contact you?

Additional information
  • The guild revolves around the CET timezone (GMT+1) but with the amount of hours played, being from a different timezone will not hurt much.
  • We will start on the 14th of July
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