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Sanichi 09-19-2009 07:40 PM

/gg FTW! Chat Guide

The Chat feature on the site allows you to be able to chat in a real-time, fast, chatting system of which is low in demands on the computer.

Simply clicking the chat button show in the screenshot will allow you to connect to connect. But of course you need Java for this which can be obtained here.

Upon clicking the link to chat you end up within this page you will notice the scenery of the new page.

Through here you are automatically connected to the #mymmogames channel


Setting your Nickname
First off you will probably want nick so simple type what ever username you wish to use (presumably your forum username) and your should change upon pressing enter.

Alternatively you can type /nick -insert nickname here- If you wish to change your name simply enter it within the same point or type /nick -new name-

Registering Nickname
Since you probably don't want anyone using your nick you should probably save the nick so no one else can use it.

Simply type "/ns register name password email" and you should be able to make it so only you can use your nickname. At least not without a password.

If you do not put in 5 characters with the password and make at least obscure

If you attempt to use an already taken name this message will appear.


/Whois Command

Now the /whois command. You can use this see information a sort of IRC IP, what channels a person is in, and other information.

If the person you /whois is not there you get this.

/query Command
Now using the /query command. With this you will be able to users simply by typing /query "username" or alternatively you can just right click someone.

This command allows to talk between people in chat

/quit Command
When one wishes quit one can simply right-click were it says #mymmogames and click close. Alternatively one can type /quit and even add a message to leave you exit.

Alternative Clients

For those who wish to use alternative means, have a way to connect handy on your desktop, or just don't like doing things the "easy" feel to try different alternatives to the site's chat link.


Anyway with that being said. Have fun using the Chat -Sanichi

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