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Kotarou 09-15-2009 10:06 PM

/gg FTW! iTrader Guide
iTrader Guide
by Astenhof

Have you ever set up a trade or exchange, or even buying something from another MMOG member, yet don't know whether or not you can trust them? Then iTrader should be of great use to you! You can find it here:

iTrader? What's that?
iTrader is a nifty feature that allows you to view reviews given to people about previous transactions. Usually, if you see a large amount of positive reviews, then that means that person is very reliable. If you see a lot of negative reviews, then stay away! You're likely to get scammed!

I think I get it. What does all this stuff mean though?
Now if you are a new user, odds are, you won't see very many things here. More than likely, a whole lot of zeros, like mine.

--The column on the left tells you the total amount of reviews you've had, both positive and negative, with a percentage of the ratio of postive and negative reviews. Go for 100% positive feedback!
--The middle column tells you any recent reviews you have received from the past month, 6 months, and past year.
--The right column is more for other people than for you. It gives them several links of how to contact you, if they have any problems or questions.

Simple enough. Is there anything else to this?
Yes, actually. On the bottom, there are 5 clickable links, which sorts out all of the comments left to you by others.
  • The 'From Buyers' button sorts all your comments by people you have sold to.
  • The 'From Sellers' button sorts comments to people you have bought from.
  • The 'From Trades' button sorts comments between people you have traded between, and finally
  • the 'Left for Others' button allows you to see all the comments you have left other people

--The column on the left gives you all the comments that have been left for you, whether they are positive or negative. Some of these comments are also links to their respective thread.
--The column after that is all the options you have available. As a visitor, you only have access to the report button, which is the !, in case the comment breaks MMOG's ToS in any way. The arrow tells you whether or not the iTrade was submitted to you, the recipient (Maybe, any clarification on this would be appreciated) and the pencil allows you to edit or delete a comment.
--The next column over tells you who sent the comment to you and whether it was a buying transaction, or a trade.
--The last column is simple. It tells you what date you received the comment.

That is pretty much the iTrader in the nutshell. May your trades and transactions be safe and secure from now on!

*Thanks to Yuki for allowing me to use her iTrader page*

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