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Default /gg FTW! User CP Guide

The User Control Panel
By Lyrics

The User CP allows you to edit your personal options and has a long list of features on it you can use to customize your stay here at MMOG.

There are two simple locations you can click to reach the User CP, indicated in red.

Upon entering the User CP, you'll come across this page:

To your left is the navigational area of the User CP. Also easily accessible are your subscribed threads, in which a link to any thread you are subscribed to will appear when a member posts for easy access. Also, your recent reputations and de-reputations are viewable. One can "minimize" one's recent reputations as show.

Your Profile

Edit your details
Editing your details is the place to write down your personal and contact information. You have the option to change your e-mail and password. You can also change other privacy options - you can choose if you prefer if people know your birthday and age, only your age, only your birthday, or none of these choices.

The next set of options is optional information - while it would be nice to have if you'd like, it's just something a little extra. If you have over 500 posts or if you're a guild leader, VIP, or a MMOG supporter, you have the option to change your title, which is the line of text under your forum name. You can also write down your homepage and instant messaging information.

Next is your biography, which is again optional information. This information shows up in your profile and certain bits with your avatar when you post. The fields include a short biography, your interests, your location, hobbies, and occupation. Also included is your current game, server, IGN, IGLvl, class, and the option to select a sprite image for your class.
Customize Profile
Here you can edit the way your profile looks and make it more interesting than the default colors. Your profile is completely customizable within the layout it is already set to. Be creative - a Profile of the Month event is also hosted.
Profile Privacy
Profile privacy is very simple - it restricts who can see what of your information. Options include anyone can see your info, only members, or only people on your contact list.


Contacts and Friends
First, the difference between a contact and a friend is simple - a contact is basically on your friend list, whereas a friend has also accepted you to be on their contact list as well. This page is a table of all your contacts and friends with their avatar images. You can choose not to view their avatars and you also have the option to search your contacts list. And the bottom, you have a small form:

You have the option to type in a username to friend request, and you are also told how to remove a friend or contact from this list.
Social Groups
Social groups are a fun little feature of MMOG. Members who have similar interests or just for fun can join or create a group. Displayed on the CP is a search function, a random "feature" group, groups you are a member of, and a list of recent/new groups. Each group has a discussion area and pictures can be uploaded by members.
Group Memberships
Through this option basically allows one to view groups one may be running or join other groups. Of course, get an option to join groups one must first click to join through the groups section.
Pictures & Albums
Albums are displayed on your profile to be viewed by everyone. You can use them as random image areas or whatever you wish. Images you want to use to customize your profile must be uploaded here and you must select the correct option in order to do so.

Settings & Options
Edit Avatar
Edit Signature
Editing your signature functions exactly like a forum post, except that you only have a height of 200 pixels maximum to work with.
Edit E-mail and Password
Fairly self-explanatory, you are able to change your password and e-mail address.
Edit Options
Invisible mode allows you to lurk the forums without members knowing you are online. This is for members who would prefer some privacy as they browse the forums. You have the option to make your reputation unviewable by members unless you are a regular member with under 500 posts. You can also allow or disallow a vCard, which gives members the opportunity to download your contact information.

The receive e-mail options enables you to be able to receive e-mails from staff or regular members. You can also be notified via e-mail about friendship request options.

Default subscription mode makes every thread you post a subscribed thread so you don't have to keep checking back on your thread. Subscribed thread posts are viewed, again, in the CP main page.

MMOG also hosts a private messaging feature. You can choose to disable this feature all together, only receive PMs from staff members and contacts. You can also choose to receive PM notifications via e-mail. You can also receive a pop-up whenever you get a new PM and to automatically save a sent PM. Visitor messaging has similar options - to disallow completely or to only allow staff members and contacts to leave them.

View post elements gives you the option to disable viewing other members avatars, signatures, or any images attached to or coded with BB code in a post. You can also change the thread display mode and the number of forum posts per page. You can also chose to omit threads older than a certain age. You can also set your time zone and the starting day of the week. You can also change the message editor interface and chose to disable user customizations (example: user profile)
Edit ignore list
The ignore list functions similarly to the friend/contact list

Private Messages
List Messages
This is basically your private message inbox. Bolded messages are new.
Send New Message
Again, functioning like a forum post, type in the intended recipient and title.
Message Tracking
Another function I'm not familiar with. D:
Edit Folders
You can add or remove folders to organize your PMs. This is helpful if you want to separate your messages into a more organized fashion.

Subscribed Threads

List Subscriptions
Basically, a list of subscribed threads. As shown below.

You can also organize your threads into folders or remove a subscription using the "move to" drop-down list.
Edit Folders
Working just like the PM folders, you have the option to organize your subscribed threads.

Event Reminders
When events are added to the calendar for your personally use they are all kept track of here!
Paid Subscription
Here you can subscribe to MMOG. You will be able to use the Post-bit Background function of the forums.
This is used basically to manage all attachments that you have made within posts (namely images).

This link brings you to the blog control panel.

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