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Ascherit 09-09-2009 09:15 PM

/gg FTW! Calendar Guide

Guide by Astenhof
(reposted by Ascherit)

Here's my calendar guide. Need something answered though: can normal users create events? Or can only staff members? If anyone can make them, I'll add in a section concerning them.

Ascherit: Yes, I'm pretty sure normal members can make events. Feel free to edit my post if you want to contribute more to the guide regarding that matter.

The calendar is a pretty self explanatory device that /ggFTW! offers all users to view. You can access it by clicking the calendar button at the top of your screen.

What's with the names and numbers?
These names and numbers happen to be the birthdates of your fellow /ggFTW users! (Assuming, of course, they input their correct birthdate upon signing up to /ggFTW!). If you see a name without a number next to it, it means that user wishes to keep their age private to everyone. If you look around, you should see a box on the calendar that has a red box around it. This is an indication of what the current day is. Also, if you notice in the bottom left, it shows you the current month, as well as the next month.

Can this thing do anything special?
There are several features you can play around with, and they can be accessed at the top right of the calendar, or the bottom right of the screen.

The features themselves are pretty basic (what did you expect, things blowing up?). You can add events, as well as change how you view the calendar: weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Weekly view:

Monthly view:

Yearly view:

And there you have it. Now instead of buying a new calendar every year, you can simply print out a copy of the calendar page for loads cheaper! (Unless you have to buy ink, then I'm sorry).

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