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Sanichi 09-07-2009 03:53 PM

/gg FTW! Search Guide

by Mongo

Finding that one guide or cool post is sometimes too hard alone. Luckily, the search function comes to the rescue!

The button is located on the top of your screen.

Once you've clicked on it, a small window pops up.

If you're confident you can find what you're looking for with a couple keywords, then give the search a try. You have the option of the search yielding threads or posts as results. You may also search blogs in the same manner.

Sometimes people will tag their threads, posts, and blogs with some common words or phrases. This isn't always accurate or helpful, but it's worth a shot. To search by tags, click the Tag Search Button for either threads :

or blogs :

If you're still not getting what you want, then try clicking Advanced Search.

Threads and Posts

1. This is where you put your keywords. Try to use descriptive ones if you can. The drop down menu allows you to choose between searching all the posts or just thread titles.

2. If you know who posted what you're looking for, then write their name in here. If you forgot their whole name, you can uncheck "Exact name" and only put in part of the name. The drop down menu here allows you to choose between searching for all posts by that user or all threads started by that user.

3. Searching by prefix is especially useful for the market threads. Use the drop down menu to highlight the prefix of your choice to narrow your search down to buying (B>), selling (S>), and other threads. Some games have multiple publishers, so searching by publisher would give you results related to the version you play.

4. This will let you search for threads with "at least" or "at most" "x" amount of replies. Not particularly useful, and I recommend you keep this at the default.

5. This section allows you to specify how far back in time you want to search. If you have a general idea of how old the thread is, then you could change the drop down menus.

For example, I want to search for something that was definitely over 6 months ago. I would change the menus to "6 months ago" "and older".

6. To customize how the results are shown, you can use this field. The first drop down menu let's you search by :
  • Relevancy - most related to your keywords and tags
  • Title - sorts the titles alphabetically
  • Number of Replies
  • Number of Views
  • Thread Start Date
  • User Name - sorts the user names alphabetically
  • Forum - sorts the forums alphabetically (including subforums)

The second drop down menu let's you see the results in descending (best to worst, top to bottom, Z to A), or ascending order (worst to best, bottom to top, A to Z).

7. Use this to either show results as threads or posts.

8. You can add tags to the search for a really narrow search.

9. Use this menu to specify which part of the forums you would like to search in.

The "also search in child forums" checkbox will allow you to include or remove the subforums of that section in your search.

If you want to clean all the fields in the search to defaults, then press reset fields. When you are finished, press search! \o\


1. Put your keywords in here. You may choose to search titles and text or titles only. For the purpose of your search, you may or may not want to include comments since some comments in completely unrelated blogs might show up.

2. Use this to search by username. The name must be exact.

3. This is the same as the earlier blog tag search.

4. The first drop down menu let's you choose between searching the time the blog was posted, or the time the last comment was posted. The second menu specifies the results to descending order (newest to oldest) or ascending order (oldest to newest).

Hope you found this guide helpful and godspeed in all your searches!

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