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Miyuki 11-05-2008 08:59 PM

Miyuki's - Unattended WinXP setup.
Basically just a repost from my own blog.

There's few ways to include your drivers into WinXP setup CD/DVD, like:
- Laziest way - driverpacks
- Advanced way [more settings, tweaks, etc] - NLite

What is unattended WinXP setup?
- Unattended WinXP setup, is where you customizes the existing WinXP setup to up where you want, such as including the drivers, settings or even your software.

Why create unattended WinXP setup?
- Less hassle to find drivers and install and restart everytime, lol.

Any WinXP setup CD/DVD will do?
- As long it's either OEM Win XP setup CD/DVD, or retail version.

But this time, I'll just cover on, laziest, and easiest way, anyway, lol.


Before we starts, makesure you have meet these requirements:-

  • At least 2GB free hdd space [for copying files, creating images]
  • Internet connection [for you to download the necessary tools]
  • A DVD-RW/CD-RW to burn the image [note, probably you’ll need DVD burner if you includes all drivers]
  • A blank CD/DVD [probably a DVD suits better]
  • An original Windows XP setup CD [original or pirated, up to you...I’ll not include any download or where to get it here :x]
  • DriverPack base, which you can get it here:
  • DriverPack packs, which you can get it here:
  • CDIMAGE GUI, to create iso images, which you can get it here:
  • Nero burning software, or any compatible burning software suite to burn the iso image later.

Once you have all stuff ready, now you can proceed to the steps below, just click on the spoiler button:


Ok, that's it, mostly useful for system builders, that mean, less hassle to them to install the drivers everytime they reformats any computers.

Kinda typed in, hurry or too fast tho @_@'

Rep me if you found this tutorial is useful for you ^^

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