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Default Miyuki's - Foobar2000! Setup and Tutorial!

This time, I'll mentioning about Foobar2000, which is a lightweight, yet powerful audio player, for those audio enthusiast out there ;o

[All images are in thumbnail form]

Why Foobar? Why not WinAmp? Windows Media Player?
Why I choose Foobar? Simple, as these:
- Light weight audio player, only at 2.76MB.
- Plugins, 3rd party plugins, that will greatly enhance your audio listening experiences.
- Supports TTA, FLAC codecs with plugins enabled.
- Able to convert/rip audio cd.
- And whats more, its free ;o

Source: - foobar2000 , foobar2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So, where can I get Foobar?
Various sources, you can get it directly from its own website.
- foobar2000

So, what do I do afterward?
What else, install it ;o

What about plugins???
Don't worry, I've compiled all the plugins needed, such as Monkey Audio, TTA, FLAC, and also ASIO4ALL support, in one zip file. Just download this file, and extract it to c:\Program Files\foobar2000\components directory ;o.
Download it here:

ASIO4ALL? What's that?
ASIO4ALL is a hardware independent low latency ASIO driver for WDM audio devices. It uses WDM Kernel-Streaming and sometimes even more sophisticated methods to achieve its objectives.
Source: ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio
Basically, it's an audio enhancement software, that will greatly improves your audio sound quality.
First, download the software, and install it. You doesn't need to do any extra settings to this, since it's already automatically setup for you.

What do I need to do afterward?
Just follow the guided pics below, on how to configure them properly.
- Makesure you've extracted all files from my into your C:\Program Files\foobar2000\components before continue.

Click on the spoiler button to continue ^^

That's's simple as that. Now load up your audio files.

Once you playing a audio file on Foobar2000 with ASIO4ALL enabled, this thing will pops up from your taskbar, meaning ASIO4ALL is enabled for this playback ;o. What does this mean? This mean, that you'll enjoy your music, in much higher quality and crispy sound x3.

- ASIO4ALL is enabled for this player.

And, did I mentioned, you can minimize it to taskbar? Just click on minimize button at foobar window, and you can pause, next, shuffle the play list just right-clicking on the icon. Good for multi-tasking person, like me x3.

- You can also set 'Now Playing' to IRC status too!

That's it, I'll leave some of the stuff, for you guys to discover yourself [for now], can mod the theme, or your foobar looks too!

Now, compare the audio quality with your current media players, you might just want dump the others x3. [Just like how I /betrayed WinAmp last few years ago XD]

Stay tuned for other tutorials and tips from me! ^^

Till next time!

Original @

Last edited by Miyuki; 10-16-2008 at 06:26 AM.
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