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Miyuki 10-16-2008 05:49 AM

Miyuki's - Bookmarks on The Go!
Always worried that you might missed your bookmarks? Or maybe you just reformatted your computers and you lost all your *cough* pron bookmarks?

There's few other way to keep your bookmark safe, by using one of these free services.

Easiest way, get Opera, and use the Opera Bookmark Sync and also Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer for Firefox.

For Opera:
- Just click on File->Synchronize Opera
- Just create an Account if you don't have My Opera account.
- It will auto synchronizes your bookmarks to My Opera everytime you use Opera.
- If you're at other place, but haven't installed Opera...don't worry, just login to your My Opera @ Opera Community
- Just click on Opera Link, and you can view all of your bookmarks.
- You can also add your bookmarks there too ;o

For Firefox, you can use this addon:
- But, sometime their services doesn't allows new registrations ;o;. Still, it functions almost the same way as Opera Bookmark Synchronize.

I hope that helps, stay tuned for more tutorials and tips! ^_^

Till next time!

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