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11-21-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default /T> Silver Light Helm | S> Noc Helm [J]

Alright, here's the deal.

I'm looking to BUY or TRADE FOR a Silver Light Helm

Because I don't have everything in pure galder yet (I will update this thread when I am able to solidify a galder offer), my current offer for this helm is a Nocturnal Hat fuse and 50mil

If you are not interested in this helm, please let me know your price for your Silver Light Helm, and I'll do my best to meet your price.

I MAY be able to provide the flame. I expect a discount though.


I'm also looking to sell this Nocturnal Hat, current price is 475mil. Somewhat negotiable, since I'm ultimately only selling this helm so I can get my Silver Light Helm.


I am rarely on Trickster anymore, so I understand this may be a long-term search. I will be checking this thread somewhat regularly, so please leave a post here if you're interested. I will be home for the next few days (Thanksgiving) and certain weekends after that, so I'm hoping I can catch someone eventually.

If I happen to be in-game, you can find me on Motivate. As mentioned in the title, this is for Jewelia.

Thanks for looking!

// Trickster Online - Jewelia //
Motivate the 19x extra shiny white Lion
SheepyTiffy the 17x pure AP Sheep {retired}
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