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02-12-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tap Spa 4 / Cards [F]

Hi guys. So this is actually a buying thread. xD Anyone with any leftover Tap Spa questies, do send them over to me. I'm trying my best to finish at least Tap Spa before the servers shut down.

I'm looking for ~50 each of:
Strawberry Mingo Pop
Banana Mingo Pop
Mango Mingo Pop
Tapasco Peppercorn
Tapasco Hot Sauce
Spa Salamander Perfume
Super Hot Pack
Strawberry Juice Pack
Burning Magma
Hot Sauce Pupa Soup (Or just more Tap Hot Sauce and Pupa of Tiger Moth)
Spa Clam
Spa Salamander Tail

I can pay 50k per item but it's negotiable.

I'm also looking for these cards:
Lava Sea Horse
Fire Golem
Funky Orc
Doom Claw
Malefic Matron

The cards are negotiable, but I'll start at 50k just 'cause.

Please don't make huge and unreasonable prices. C'mon. We should be serious here. However, I am accepting free stuff too, so if you feel like a nice person... I'm here 8D <3 But yeah; I'm just looking to finish the quests I have in the works now.

You can mail me the items, since I know most people won't like to log on and wait for a long time for me to get on (I'm on PST time if anyone's wondering; I'll be on from around 4 - 6 PM on weekdays and random times during the weekends)

IGN: MagicianHana
World: Fantasia
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