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SteelFlex 10-05-2012 06:22 AM

Fuses/S>Pwf Arc Stick (F)
The prices for the fuses are based off of price checks and assumptions, so please correct me if I'm wrong. I will gift first only to people with an iTrader that is higher than 5 or if I know you.

Ghetto Blaster - 20m
Sassy Shades - 60m
Aquarius Spear - 10k pts

Powerful Arc Stick LV 7, 3 slot, 99 base MA, 33 LK Dirty - I'm gonna stretch and say 700m but your free to offer

andy022 10-05-2012 09:55 PM

i can sell you a sassy shades if you can get me an artisans flame :o

SteelFlex 10-06-2012 07:09 AM

Ok, but can we lower the price to 50m, since its with my flame?

SteelFlex 10-06-2012 10:02 AM

No wait scratch that, I ran out of pts -.-

SteelFlex 10-06-2012 11:05 AM

Ok I can't buy any of these til any of my items get sold

Ghetto blaster - 30m
Frightening Lightning - 150m
Aquarius Spear - 250m

Pwf Arc Stick Lv7, 3 slots (33 LK), 99 base MA (237 MA in all)

Altiverse Maiden Shield x2
1. Lv6 2s clean 408 MD, 793 HP, 1452 DP - 10m
2. 3s clean 664 MD, 1453 HP, 585 DP - 20m

Altiverse Maiden Bracelet 2s Clean - 20m

andy022 10-06-2012 05:47 PM

so are you still buying sassy shades O;

SteelFlex 10-07-2012 01:23 AM

Yes, when I recharge I'll tell you

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