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zgmfx19a 09-23-2011 09:55 AM

No Buy/Selling Myshop points

Limited “cash shop” trading is allowed. Specific rules regarding these trades are based upon the individual games’ Terms of Service documents. In general, selling “cash points” is not allowed; you must offer specific items or nothing at all. You may not use our market forums to trade for real currency. If cash shop trades, in any capacity, are not allowed by a game’s Terms of Service then it is not allowed in our market forum. Gavist assumes no liability if your account is banned due to a fraudulent or illegal cash shop trade.
Recently, threads of such nature has been on the rise. It seems like many has not bothered to read the stickied threads nor the rules, so for the benefit of the doubt, the title and this post shall make things clear as day.

You can't offer Myshop points, only specific items.

The reverse holds true as well. You can't offer to buy Myshop points with galders or whatever as well, because that will result in the opposite party selling.

If such issues persist on, we will be forced to take sterner measures, and I sure hope things don't boil down to that.

Thanks, and have a good day.


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