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Sidero 10-14-2009 05:44 AM

Trickster Online Monster Project
Trickster Online Monster Project

Like the previous project (NPC), in this second project, we aspire to document the entire collection of Monsters in Trickster Online. They will all be properly categorized in their proper area, level, type, elemental attribute attack, weakness and resistance, and location of them will be made even easier by the use of navigation boxes. In addition, each and every Monster listed will have it's own separate and in-depth page for notes on the Monster, such as what they drop like use items, equipments, etc items and common items (dropped by a certain area monsters).

Here is a list of everything which still needs to be done:

- Add Monster's categories

- Check quality of Monster's images

- Check/Update Monster's pages
  1. PNG and GIF images, cropped and transparent
  2. Stats information
  3. All locations
  4. All dropped items (use, equipment, etc., and common)
  5. All skills
  6. All summons
  7. Properly categorized

Please see the Monster and Boss Monster Templates for tips and guidance.

We're starting to categorize each monster by location, then add other categories (by level, by type, by elemental attribute attack, by weakness, by resistance).

Location order:

1. Coral Beach
a) Coral Beach Monster
b) Coral Dungeon Monster
c) Chaos Tower Monster

2. Desert Beach
a) Desert Beach Monster
b) Crystal Copper Monster
c) Pyramid Dungeon Monster
d) Fiesta Zone 1 Monster

3. Megalopolis
a) Megalopolis Monster
b) Poppuri Dungeon Monster
c) Garden of Skill Master Monster
d) Underground Dev Room Monster
e) Chaos Spire Monster

4. Caballa Relics
a) Caballa Relics Monster
b) Jade Steel Monster
c) Relics Dungeon Monster
d) Fiesta Zone 2 Monster

5. Oops Wharf
a) Oops Wharf Monster
b) Fiesta Zone 3 Monster
c) Fading Tower Monster

6. Mermaid Palace
a) Mermaid Palace Monster
b) Mermaid Dungeon Monster

7. Mirage Island
a) Mirage Island Monster
b) Guardian's Room Monster
c) Mirage Island Dungeon Monster

8. Ghost Blue
a) Ghost Blue Monster
b) Nora Sewer Monster
c) Trench Monster
d) Fiesta Zone 4 Monster
e) Lighthouse of Chaos Monster

9. Rose Garden
a) Rose Garden Monster
b) Vamp Castle Monster
c) Fiesta Zone 5 Monster
d) Rose Garden Tower Monster

10. Phantom School
a) Phantom School Monster
b) Phantom School Annex Monster
c) Phantom Dungeon Monster

11. Black Swamp
a) Black Swamp Monster
b) Swamp Dungeon Monster
c) Silver Jewel Monster

12. Snow Hill
a) Snow Hill Monster
b) Blue Ice Dungeon Monster
c) Precious Jewel Monster
d) Fiesta Zone 6 Monster

13. Techichi Volcano
a) Techichi Volcano Monster
b) Black Ash Dungeon Monster

14. Tapasco Volcano
a) Tapasco Volcano Monster
b) Silent Lava Monster

15. Abyss
a) Abyss Monster

Other Monster

Event Monster

Missing Information:
- What the names and stats of Lighthouse of Chaos monsters?
- What monsters Cont Blood summons besides Vamp Lucia, Maid Lydia, and Mister Freaks?
- What level and stats of Vamp Lucia (Count Blood summon monster)?
- What level, type and skills of Chaos Brass Knight and Confused Brass Knight of Rose Garden Tower - 11th Floor?
- What type and skills of Requiem Harbinger of Rose Garden Tower - 11th Floor?
- What type and skills of Requiem Apocrypha of Rose Garden Tower - Secret Floor?

Things to do later:
- Common drop items

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