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Sidero 09-17-2009 04:06 PM

Trickster Online NPC Project
Trickster Online NPC Project

Due to recent changes in the /gg FTW website, the Trickster Online Wiki will have all of its content reviewed and updated. To do this for each section will have a project, starting with this, focusing on NPCs. We would like to ask you, /gg FTW members for help so we can have the best Wiki.

Here is a list of everything which still needs to be done:

- Add NPC's categories

- Check quality of NPC's images

- Check/Update NPC's pages
  1. Big and small images, cropped and transparent
  2. All locations
  3. All offers (Quests, Services, etc.)
  4. Shop/Exchange/Compound information
  5. Properly categorized

Please see the NPC Template for tips and guidance.

We start by (in this order):

0. Megalo Ship
a) Megalo Ship NPC

1. Coral Beach
a) Coral Beach NPC
b) Blooming Cora NPC
c) Coral Dungeon NPC
d) Chaos Tower NPC

2. Desert Beach
a) Desert Beach NPC
b) Paradise NPC
c) Crystal Copper NPC
d) Pyramid Dungeon NPC
e) Fiesta Zone 1 NPC

3. Megalopolis
a) Megalopolis NPC
b) Poppuri Dungeon NPC
c) Megalopolis Square NPC
d) Garden of Skill Master NPC
e) Underground Dev Room NPC
f) Chaos Spire NPC

4. Caballa Relics
a) Caballa Relics NPC
b) Azteca NPC
c) Jade Steel NPC
d) Relics Dungeon NPC
e) Fiesta Zone 2 NPC

5. Oops Wharf
a) Oops Wharf NPC
b) Fiesta Zone 3 NPC
c) Fading Tower NPC

6. Mermaid Palace
a) Mermaid Palace NPC
b) Mermaid Dungeon NPC

7. Mirage Island
a) Mirage Island NPC
b) Room of Light NPC
c) Guardian's Room NPC
d) Mirage Island Dungeon NPC

8. Ghost Blue
a) Ghost Blue NPC
b) Aquarius NPC
c) Nora Sewer NPC
d) Trench NPC
e) Fiesta Zone 4 NPC
f) Lighthouse of Chaos NPC

9. Rose Garden
a) Rose Garden NPC
b) Ceremonia NPC
c) Guild Colosseum NPC
d) Colosseum NPC
e) Cherry Blossom NPC
f) Vamp Castle NPC
g) Fiesta Zone 5 NPC
h) Rose Garden Tower NPC

10. Phantom School
a) Phantom School NPC
b) Phantom School Annex NPC
c) Phantom Dungeon NPC

11. Black Swamp
a) Black Swamp NPC
b) Carbigal NPC
c) Swamp Dungeon NPC
d) Silver Jewel NPC

12. Snow Hill
a) Snow Hill NPC
b) Blue Ice Dungeon NPC
c) Precious Jewel NPC
d) Fiesta Zone 6 NPC

13. Techichi Volcano
a) Techichi Volcano NPC
b) Black Ash Dungeon NPC

14. Tapasco Volcano
a) Tapasco Volcano NPC
b) Silent Lava NPC

15. Abyss
a) Abyss NPC
b) Platonia NPC

Other NPC

Event NPC

Missing Information:
- Are there other NPCs on Blue Ice Trial 5 - Ice Palace Jail?
- What is the quest name offered by Queen Odinea (NPC) in Blue Ice Trial 5 - Ice Palace Jail?
- What does Explorer Reina offer in Abyss Field 4 - The Crushing Depths?
- What items are offered by Item Girl in Gate of Lighthouse of Chaos, Lighthouse of Chaos - 3rd and 7th Floors?
- Which items are exchanged by Pet Trainer Shara in Lighthouse of Chaos - 3rd, 7th and 11th Floors and Rose Garden Tower - 11th Floor?
- Fading Tower quest names (for Hunter Master & Officer Tera)?
- Rose Garden Tower quest name (for Hunter Master)?
- O/X area - what does Bunny Maid offer?
- What is the quest name of Dark Commando skill (offer by Fortune Teller in Gate of Caballa Relics)?
- What does Fortune Teller offer in Trident Maze?
- Is there ore refinement in Tapasco Mine (Blacksmith Marx)?

Things to do later:

Esper 09-17-2009 04:13 PM

Stickied. :]

Aren't most of our pictures already transparent?

Sidero 10-05-2009 08:30 AM

hi! this project is almost done. i ask your help to fill the missing information (see in post above). all help will be appreciated!

BaltazarDZ 01-12-2010 11:21 AM

Info on the Fiesta 2 Zone. This is all the guy has P:

WingedSylphe 01-22-2010 03:01 AM

Yep, Marx does Ore Refinement once you did the 5 quests.
Same rate as in Snow Hill mine:
7 gemstones -> 1 med qual / piece
5 med qual /piece -> 1 hi qual /crystal
3 hi qual / crystal -> 1 highest refine stone.

Going to check out for Reina in Abyss o.o

As it seems, Reina has a problem with the wrecked ship on her right. That would aim at two possibilities
-> Relation with Karan (as there're Channas around)?
-> Gateway for an hypothetic Abyss Boss? (since Reina acts the same way for Tombeth)?

Ice Trial 5 - Jail:
2 NPCs: Horse Hiddink (center of the room) who gives the quest to get back to Ice trial 4
Queen Odinea NPC (top right of the room), who gives the quest related to the Cold Hearted set. Unfortunately, there's no title for the quest itself, because it's a MQ o.o

Wendyfav3 12-23-2010 12:48 PM

Supz um...I want to try to help you guys so where should I start...I read what it said but it to much to take in my if you can where do you want me to start Researching and Post it on Trickster Wiki in GGFTW...???

Sandrie 12-23-2010 10:55 PM


Originally Posted by Wendyfav3 (Post 1431093)
Supz um...I want to try to help you guys so where should I start...I read what it said but it to much to take in my if you can where do you want me to start Researching and Post it on Trickster Wiki in GGFTW...???

I don't think this project is active anymore. If you would like to help out but don't understand wiki code too well, check out my card thread:/forum/trickster-onl...929-cards.html I need a lot of cards and every bit counts.

If you do understand wiki code, drop me or Sidero a PM and we can figure something out from there. (we are currently working on getting all the new content down as well as fixing up the card sections, and we need as much help as we can get!)

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