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10-23-2008   #1 (permalink)
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IGN: LeArc
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Level: 197
Guild: Infiniti
Default Thunderbolt (New 2nd job skill)

Thou i currently do not know the formula.
Here is the information for each skill level (and such)
someone please post this onto the Wiki, cause i sux =[

Required 3 points to learn the skill
Required 3 points for Master
Prequisites: Seal of Thunder
<Level 1>
MP Consumption: 230
Cooldown: 20 seconds (JEEZUS.)

<Level 2>
MP Consumption: 245
Cooldown: 20 Seconds
Power: 765

<Level 3>
MP Consumption: 260
Cooldown: 19 Seconds
Power: 1040

<Level 4>
MP Consumption: 275
Cooldown: 19 Seconds
Power: 1325

<Level 5>
MP Consumption:290
Cooldown: 18
Power: 1620

<Level 6>
MP Consumption: 305
Cooldown: 18 Seconds
Power: 1925

<Level 7>
MP Consumption:320
Cooldown:17 Seconds
Power: 2240

<Level 8>
MP Consumption: 335
Cooldown:17 Seconds
Power: 2565

<Level 9>
MP Consumption:250
Cooldown: 16 Seconds

<Level 10>
MP Consumption: 365
Cooldown: 16 Seconds
Power: 3245

MP Consumption: 410
Cooldown:15 Seconds
Power: 3720
So someone pl0x add this into the wiki, id appreciate it!
-Icy Chains soon to be added to this-
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10-26-2008   #2 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Addict
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nii is on a distinguished road
IGN: xWitch
Class: Witch to_soulmaster
Level: 230

Ok, done. (:
Thanks for your help!

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