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09-30-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default a game related to trickster?

hi im a newcomer, ciel! nice to meet you.

i used to play trickster a several months ago but lost the will to play when i learned how lacking it was to grind at bossmong map with a gun character

what's worse is.. i chose the gun fox path because i don't like lion >_>;;
the korean version has a lower level boss mong around lv.30s with weaker
summoned monsters so it's a great place to earn powerful lv.20~30 rares
so i tried to do the same thing and it turned out way more difficult ;-;

i regret quitting trickster and am thinking of playing it again but i found a game similiar to it without animal appearance being included. well trickster really doesn't have a one man party system so it's not really that related but the battle system sort of reminds people of it o_o;

after playing this game my thirst for trickster has grown bigger and may return to it soon, before thinking of playing it again i need to fix my problem where video recorders don't record sound when i've set everything correctly but it may be because im using realtec hd audio as my sound device.

tips please? >_< i might make a video right away when i hop on trickster if i could fix the sound problem.

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