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Guiles 07-13-2008 04:59 PM

Is this nTreev's fault?
I've had this problem for a couple weeks now and I'm not sure as to the cause..

Basically, I'll randomly disconnect from Trickster (or Grand Chase, but still an nTreev game) and I won't be able to connect to either for a while, or be able to access either game website.

I thought it had to do with nTreev's servers but other people and friends don't disconnect like I do, nor experience the inability to reconnect (at least to my knowledge).

Does anyone know what's wrong? Is it my internet/laptop? It's not a serious error, but it's kind of inconvenient at a boss in Trickster or at the results screen in Grand Chase (Which has happened twice already).

Moonflow 07-13-2008 05:56 PM

could be a program your running or something installed that disagrees with ntreev's clients, maybe the anti hack software they have.
i had a similar problem with an old ro server. didnt know what it was for ages, then i noticed it got worse when downloading torrents, so i uninstalled bitcomet and volla no more dc's
also zone alaram used to make my p2p programs like soulseek run extremely slow and cause a lot of dc's even tho i had it set to allow them access to the net , uninstalled, no more problems.
i guess just try and clean up your pc/laptop some.
run virus scans, discleanup/defrag , registry cleanup/defrag.
get rid of any old programs you dont use anymore.
and hope for the best.

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