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fima12 12-02-2012 10:33 AM

failed to complete gameguard update
Hello,im kinda new to trickster and the forum and i recently installed Trickster.
and right away i got this error after i finished installing the game
could anyone help me?
my error is "Fail to complete GameGuard update. Suspend Anti-Virus program temporarily and try the game,or check the settings of Pc managment programs if any."
i got Avast anti virus and i placed Trickster in the axceptions also in my Firewall.

OS: Windows XP

skielyt 12-06-2012 06:47 AM

Got same problem too, fixed it myself, try this
If Im right, and we got same problem, its probably that the latest version in your registry doesnt auto update,
this is how I did it:
1.) go to Trickster folder and find "update.log" and open it
2.) find this 2 line in the notepad
"Version at REG [Ver Usa.2.0055.120]" << this is your version in registry
"Version at SERVER [Usa.2.0055.120]" << this is the version in Server
3.) basically this 2 LINES HAS TO MATCH,
so if by instance you got this:
"Version at REG [Ver Usa.2.0049.119]"
"Version at SERVER [Usa.2.0055.120]"

copy the VERSION at SERVER like this "Usa.2.0055.120"
4.) then open regedit, find the Ntreev folder >> Trickster_GSP
then RIGHT CLICK "Update Version" and click "MODIFY"
5.) then PASTE the version you COPIED from server Usa.2.0055.120
6.) click "ok", then you should be Good to go

hope this Helps you :)) :py55:

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