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grandygon 07-28-2011 01:18 PM

question about anvil of generations and refining
the anvil description wrote that it is used to increase the refining rate for lvl
0 ~ 8

does it mean it can only be used up to lv 7 to 8? or lv 8 to 9?

I wanted to refine my weapon from 8 to 9, can i still use anvil of generations?

and it said increase by 10%, does the calculation works by :
a.) base chance% + 10% = success rate%?
b.) base chance% + 10%*base chance% = success rate%?

thank you very much in advance, im kinda new in refining

Recette 07-29-2011 03:10 PM

I do believe you can use the Anvil of Generations at +8 (to go to +9).

The extra +5% +10% or +20% (depending of the Anvil used) is added on top of the actual base (with or without fortune) refine rate, so if it is 50%, then it becomes 55%, 60% or 70%.

Depending on how many equips you want to refine, or if you want to get to +13, you could also try to get a couple of refine cards for refine fortune. They multiply the refine rate by a certain percentage, with the 95 refine card multiplying this rate by 30% (of base refine rate, not together with Anvils) each time is chosen (so up to 90%). There are other refine cards, cheaper but have a smaller refine rate increase.

For example, if the base refine rate is 50%, with one refine 95 fortune card chosen the final refine rate becomes 65% without Anvils (80% for 2, and if you managed the rare 3, 95%). They work for all levels, unlike Anvils, as well.

grandygon 07-30-2011 04:00 AM

thanks a lot for the crystal clear reply :D
that really clarify a lot of my doubts
really appreciate it :py16:

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