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Frequently Asked Questions Asked Questions

For more information, please visit the ggFTW Trickster Wiki.

Updated: August 2, 2012


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Section 1: Game Functions

A list of commands is available here and here.

Q: How do I log out/exit the game?
A: Press the Esc key and choose Move to Start Menu. Clicking End Game closes your client altogether. Alt + F4 is another option.

Q: How do I sit/sleep/stand?
A: Use the Page Up and Page Down buttons on your keyboard. Page Down once to sit, twice to sleep. When sitting, Page Down just once to sleep. To stand up again, Page Up. If your keyboard doesn't have these keys, you can use these chat commands: /Sit, /Sleep. The commands are case sensitive, so be sure to type as you see them here with the capital letters. [1] [ GardenofEden ]

Q: How do I chat?
A: Press enter, or place your cursor in the chat box and left click, then begin typing.

Q: How do I make a private shop?
A: Right-click on your own character and choose the Private Shop option.

Q: How do I make an overhead display?
A: For the text you see above people's head in a dark blue speech bubble, either by right-click on yourself, select Head Notice and then type in your text, or type "/notice" in all chat, followed by a space, and then the text you want.

Q: How do I report someone?
A: If the offending player is on the same map as you, right-click on them and select GM Report. If they're offline or on another map, right-click on yourself instead and select GM Report. On the window that pops up, click Report and fill in the details.

Q: How do I block whispers?
A: Press O, go to the Function tab, and check the "NO" box where it says Whisper Invitation. This will block whispers from all players, including your friends.

Q: How do I block whispers from a specific player?
A: Either find their IGN in your whisper list, or type in their name manually if it isn't already there, right-click on the name and select Block Whisper. You'll be notified that the person's whispers have been rejected.

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Section 2: General

Q: What is base/TM EXP gain based on?
A: See this guide by kale15 regarding EXP gain.

Q: How do I level up my TM more quickly?
A: See below.

Q: How do I delete or reset a skill?
A: You need a Master's Authority from My Shop. The Skill Reset Set is a set of 3 Master's Authorities for a cheaper price if you need to reset multiple skills.

Q: When I use a Master's Authority, do I get the skill card back?
A: No. You need to buy the skill cards again. This also means that you shouldn't remove class-specific skills that you got from quests since you can't do the quest again. [Esper] [1]

Q: How do I change my build?
A: You need a Build Graph Reset from My Shop. This item not only changes your build but also resets all your bonus points.

Q: How do I change my name?
A: You need a Reidentifier 2000 from My Shop.

Q: What is a sprint? How do I get one?
A: A speed-enhancing accessory. In your Equipment window, a sprint goes in the top right-hand slot. Sprints increase your overall movement speed by 60-90%. You can buy one from My Shop or from other players in the form of a Lv. 40 Gift Box or Lv. 140 Gift Box. Sprints from the level 140 version last for 7 days whereas the ones from level 40 boxes only last for 3. Sprints are generally timed and can't be used once expired unless you recharge them with Pia. The only permanent sprint in the game is the Kitty Earring, but it's a past item and not available anymore.

Q: How do I get a fortune?
A: Here is a detailed guide of the fortune system. There are supposedly tricks to getting a "hax" fortune. This is a video for one of them. However, no trick is 100% effective. You still need to play around with the system and find a method that works for you if the suggested ones don't.

Q: What is the Angel Wing count?
A: You get an Angel Wing for helping a new player that requested you. When you're under level 30 you'll also have this angel on the bottom right corner of your screen. To use the Angel System type "/Angel ON" so you can be requested. [prison]

Q: How do you invite someone into your guild?
A: There's no function for this. The only way to recruit people into your guild is to ask them to apply. [Esper] [1]

Q: Does status protection compounding actually exist?
A: Yes and no. The compound items exist, but there's no equipment that can have status protection compounded to it for the time being, so they are currently useless. [Jare | Bifrost]

Q: Why do I see a lot of immobile monsters?
A: It's a temporary bug. Switch maps and they should disappear. [Bifrost]

Q: Why can't I pick up some monster drops even though I have waited and clicked on them many times?
A: It's a bug. Even though the item appears on the ground, it's already been picked up by someone else. Tip: Distance yourself from the item and click it. If your character doesn't walk towards the item, it's a bug and the item's not really there. [Bifrost]

Q: How do I exchange GM certificates for items?
A: Talk to Rosemary in Megalopolis shop. [Bifrost]

Q: What are daily coupons for?
A: You can trade them for drills or items with Miranda Watty in Megalopolis Square. [Bifrost]

Q: Why don't some towns have a bank?
A: It hasn't been implemented yet.

Q: How do I remove an untradeable or irremovable item?
A: Sell them to an NPC. If you can't NPC it, it's just stuck in your inventory until the GMs remove it. [Bifrost]

Q: Where can I get Black Elixir Fragments and/or Anvil Stones?
A: From Old Treasure Map's chests, but they're rare. [Drakii | Dragon] [1]

Q: If someone deletes their character, does their name disappear from my friend list?
A: Yes. [1]

Q: How much MA is needed to OHKO [ insert monster ]?
A: For certain monsters in the Caballa, Swamp and Snow Hill Mines, take a look at this guide by Eien. For other monsters, either direct your question to that thread or to the Magic Type forum.

Q: Up to what level on an equipment can the Anvil of Generations be used?
A: I do believe you can use the Anvil of Generations at +8 (to go to +9). [1] [Recette]

Q: What is the maximum amount of galders I can carry?
A: Exactly 2,100,000,000 on any one character, not including galder checks or bank deposits. [1] [ Huntress | Vith | Eien ] See also this thread and these screenshots for further confirmation. [gawhie]

Q: What is the maximum amount of galder I can deposit in the bank?
A: Exactly 99,999,999.

Q: Where can I get Nikarium Fragments?
A: By drilling Poseidon's Treasure, using Worn Treasure Maps ONLY. These maps are obtained by completing Treasure Hunting 1 Quests with Explorer Reina.
[1] [Sidero]

Senpai 02-03-2010 01:05 PM

Section 3: Equipment

Q: What are some good in-game WT accessories?
A: Duckling Keychain, Opulent Pouch 30, Opulent Pouch 40, Megalo Pouch, Megalo Driller Bag and Violet Earring all give WT.

Q: What does potential mean?
A: See this thread. [Recette]

Q: How do I get a Duckling set?
A: Every new character gets a Ducking set in their inventory. [Mikaze] The key chain gives a 20% EXP bonus so it's effectively a permanent booster.
[Jare | Chyrla | prison] [1]

Q: Is the Duckling set tradeable?
A: No.

Q: How do I get a Pharaoh set?
A: The Pharaoh Hat, Golden Sword and Golden Lion Shield are dropped by Tutankhamen. Unless you can hunt him yourself, your other option is to buy the set from other players, though it won't be cheap. Look here for the price of a clean and unrefined set. The Ankh Pendant (accessory) is obtained by completing this quest. You could try borrowing the set from someone if you only need it to do the accessory quest.

Q: How do I get a Graduation Ring?
A: You get one in your My Shop inventory once you reach level 31. [prison]

Q: Is in-game equipment still tradeable if compounded with My Shop Magic Stones?
A: Yes.

Q: Does elemental attribute work on guns?
A: No. Attributes only affect the damage output of physical melee attacks, certain Buffalo skills and Dark Lord skills. Guns with shadow property are somewhat of an exception, though they only affect shadow monsters. [posu] [1]

Q: Does attribute affect the damage of magic skills?
A: Currently, no. With the exception of certain Dark Lord skills. [1] Second job Dark skills are NOT affected.

Q: Does DX affect guns?
A: No. If you're wondering about the reload rate, that is controlled by the gun itself. [kale15] [1]

Q: How do I get a Powerful weapon?
A: It needs to be created. For this, you need Nikarium Fragments obtained from Treasure Hunting using Worn and Old Maps. With 5 Fragments, you can compound a Nikarium at Black Market (get there using Weird Maps). Then you need 2 Old weapons AND the Nikarium to compound a Powerful one with Compounder Vin. As with all compounds, there is a chance that you'll fail. [hyuuri] [1]

Q: What is the difference between Ultimate and Chaos/Requiem equipment?
A: Chaos/Requiem equipment comes with highly random stats. They can be obtained by killing monsters at Tower of Chaos, whereas Ultimate equipment only drops from bosses.

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:03 PM

Section 4: Cards

Q: Where can I get character cards?
A: Mostly from quests. You'll naturally collect a lot of character cards as you do quests and progress through the game. You can also drill them in Phantom School. [Gamma] On rare occasions, character cards are given out as a bonus for purchasing certain My Shop items.

Q: Are character cards worth anything?
A: They can be exchanged for equipment with Card Hunter Eugene sometimes, but people mostly use them for Card Identification. [prison]

Q: What's the best place to farm monster cards?
A: There is no quick way to farm cards. It helps if you've already been collecting cards to begin with. [posu] However, Tapasco Field 1 - Net of Lava is a good place. The monsters drop cards fairly easily and the cards have a high +life, making them good for Card Identification. [multippt] [1]

Q: What's the highest +life on a card?
A: The highest life on a card is +6. The cards that have +6 are usually the ones with the highest or lowest number on them. [multippt]

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:07 PM

Section 5: Skills

Q: Is there a way to remove the Crazy Drilling skill?
A: Not that I know of. I've tested this myself and there's no option to delete Crazy Drilling from my skill inventory when I tried to use a Master's Authority. [1]

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:08 PM

Section 6: Parties

Q: What is a Beginner's party?
A: Any party that's not fixed and has at least one member level 31 or below, becomes a Beginner party. The EXP share will be fixed according to the level ratio and can't be changed. Once you reach 32, you'll be able to form Normal, Royal, Special or Type parties.

Q: What's the biggest level gap allowed between party members?
A: Some think it's 100, but the actual gap is 99. For example, a level 200 character can only party with someone between 101 and 299. [posu] [1] If the gap is greater than 99 levels, the party becomes "fixed" (i.e. no longer possible to share experience).

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:09 PM

Section 7: Quests

Q: Is Bloody Rune of Fate rare?
A: Yes. Some people get it in a few drills while others spend hours or days trying to. It really depends on your real life luck. [Nikeos] [1]

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:10 PM

Section 8: Tempering

Coming soon!

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Section 9: Refining

Coming soon!

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Section 10: Compounding

Q: What part does LK play in mature compounding? How much do I need?
A: For a better chance of getting decent compounds, aim for 100-200 LK. No less than 100 LK for sure. See this post for more information. [1]

Q: How can I increase my chances of success with Compounder Paul?
A: Have 90+ DA.

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:12 PM

Section 11: Bossing

Q: How does the boss system work?
A: All boss rooms are instanced. Mad Ray and Spicy Dragon are the two exceptions. You get your own boss when you enter, so there's no need to worry about kill stealing. If you're in a party, then you and your party members will enter the same room and fight the same boss. For most bosses, you have to complete a set of trials before you can enter. These trials are not instanced for the most part. Once the boss is dead, the room will "crumble" and you'll be teleported out. You'll have to wait a certain amount of time before you can re-enter the trials and fight that boss again. [1] Current players are already familiar with this system, so this may only be relevant to new or returning players who haven't played since the boss system got revamped.

Q: If you enter the trials in a party, but then cancel the party just before reaching the boss room, would you still have your own boss?
A: Yes. [Care] [1]

Q: Are boss seals important at all?
A: They're really just for show and have no real purpose [Esper | Ryxios] [1] except to reset the timer of an Absolute Unique. [WingedSylphe] If you have a piece of Absolute Unique equipment, you have to acquire a boss seal on a regular basis in order to keep it.

Q: Which bosses don't give out seals?
A: Mad Ray doesn't. [1] Master Mong used to be a boss, but then stopped giving out seals. Now he's not even a boss anymore.

Q: What is the drop rate for boss uniques?
A: There is no answer. Some people easily get one within 100 seals. Others can have thousands of seals and still get nothing. [Esper] It's a question of real life luck. [1]

Q: How long do bosses take to respawn?
A: This is a rough guide only. Some players have reported a shorter time and others a longer one. [WingedSylphe]

Q: Which bosses use Banish?
A: All of them do except for Captain Skull, but he can summon Quiem who does. [WingedSylphe]

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Section 12: Drilling

Q: What's the best place to AFK drill?
A: For training your TM, use Chaos Drills at Gate of Desert Beach or Coral Beach - Dark Cave. For making galders, Tapasco Mine 1 and 2 are quite popular. You can either NPC the ores you drill (and they sell for a decent amount of money) or, if you're lucky, find the more valuable ones like Alexandrite or Adamantite.

Q: What does the stage of a drill mean?
A: It determines the experience multiplier whenever you find an item while drilling. The depth of the map you're drilling on is also factored in. [1] [Drakii]

Q: Do some items give better experience than others?
A: No. All items you dig up give the same amount of experience. [1] [Drakii]

Q: Do all My Shop drills give bonus TM?
A: Yes. My Shop drills have a very high stage, and the experience multiplier for stage 7+ drills is enormous. [1] [Drakii]

Q: Is TM gained from drilling to scale with the player's level?
A: No. [1] [Drakii]

Q: What is AFK drilling? How do I do it?
A: To AFK drill, you need a driller pet equipped. There are 4 of these, each for a different level: Driller Boy, Driller Girl, Super Driller Boy, Super Driller Girl. These pets are timed and bought from My Shop, but they're only available during certain times of the year. If you didn't buy one while they were out, you'll have to wait for a future patch for them to be re-released. You'll also need multiple drills with a full life gauge since your pet automatically replaces your drill when it's used up. Press D as you normally would to start drilling and your character will auto drill until you're out of drills, reach 99% of your WT or get attacked by a monster (if you're not a Lion/Fox). [1] [2]

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Section 13: Fusion

Q: Can I fuse a sword with a staff?
A: All weapons can be fused with each other, except for guns. A gun can't be fused with anything but another gun. The same goes for shields, hats, capes and such. [1] [2]

Q: Is there any tradeable mask that I can fuse mine with?
A: There is currently no tradeable mask besides the Pirate Eye Patch, which can't be fused. To make a mask or head accessory tradeable, you have to fuse it and then de-fuse it to acquire the skin. Two Artisan's Flames are needed for this.

Q: Can boss unique equipment be fused?
A: No. [1]

Q: Can timed equipment be fused and retain their image without expiring?
A: If you want to keep the image of equipment that's fimed by fusing it with a permanent one, then yes. [1] [2]

Q: Do character sets retain their set bonus if they're fused?
A: Yes, as long as their status is kept (i.e. put in the "Teacher Pet" slot). [1]

Q: Will a fused Rook pet still loot galders?
A: The image of a Rook pet (if you treat it as the "Student Pet") won't be able to loot galders. As the "Teacher Pet", retaining its full status, it does.

Q: Can broken equipment be fused?
A: Yes. [1]

Q: Can Dragon Helmets be fused?
A: No. [1]

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Section 14: Guardians

Questions about guardians are very, very common. You might find these links helpful:
Q: Is the soul seed planted in you automatically once you get it?
A: You will have the seed in your Use inventory after completing the quest, which is attached to you as soon as you double click it.

Q: Does the guardian's build also affect its status as it levels up?
A: Guardians don't really have status. The numbers on their build graph only tell you how many skills of each type they can learn. [Mazuiko]

Q: Is it whichever stat you level up to 6 first, or the highest stat you have by the time you reach 14, that determines which guardian you'll get?
A: Whichever stat is the highest is the guardian you get. So if your Power stat is the highest, you'll get Sephirens. If you had 2 stats of the same number, you'll get the guardian of whichever stat that reached that number first. [Mazuiko] Be careful: This rule doesn't always apply to Superior guardians with the 3333 build.

Q: How can I get my guardian to cure me?
A: To activate your Guardian's Cure, your HP needs to be at 20%, but you also have to trigger your Guardian to attack, by either attacking a monster yourself without killing it, or right-clicking a monster. Your Guardian will only cure you when you make it attack. [Torikakae] [1] Guardians only seem to cure you if you are ATTACKING a monster. They won't heal you if you have other monsters around you that are hitting you. [Mazuiko] [2]

Q: What skills can a guardian learn with My Shop runes?
A: Click here for a complete list of skills. [Virus] [1]

Q: Can I use the My Shop guardian map for my first guardian instead of the map obtained from Secret Cards?
A: No. You need to be an enlightened user to use the Spinel soul seed. That means you need to go through the whole process of collecting all the Secret Cards yourself. [Esper] [1]

Q: How do I get Spinel?
A: Spinel is a My Shop guardian that can only be hatched by enlightened users. You need to have an in-game guardian first before you can get Spinel.

Q: If I'm already enlightened, do I need to collect Secret Cards again for Spinel?
A: No.

Q: How do I get a Legendary guardian?
A: Take a look at this guide. I don't know if it's 100% effective as I haven't tested it myself.

Q: How do I get a Superior guardian?
A: The proven method for hatching a Superior is to grow your soul seed to have a 3333 build. If you're aiming for a particular guardian (e.g. Sephirens) then be sure that your Power stat reaches 3 first. This is not a reliable method for getting the exact guardian you want as some players have done this and found that, instead of getting the Sephirens they wanted, they got something else instead. You can reduce the chance of this happening by making sure that the last stat you were raising before you hatch your guardian is of the same type as your desired guardian. For example, if want Sephirens, make sure that you raise your Power stat a bit before you do the enlightenment quests from Janus. The same method works for Spinel.

Q: What type is Spinel?
A: Spinel can be any type you want. The sprites look the same, but have a different type-specific name and symbol. [1]

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:21 PM

Section 15: PvP

There's a short PvP guide here, if you haven't already seen it.

Q: Which is the most "overpowered" class in PvP?
A: Champions and Mercenaries are capable of the highest damage output with Tetra Punch. To a lesser extent, Witches, Wizards, Dukes, Divas and Gamblers can also deal very high damage. All of them are generally considered versatile in PvP/GvG, and the best classes to play if you're a frequent PvPer. But all of this is only matter of opinion. [1]

Senpai 02-03-2010 05:23 PM

Section 16: Pets

Q: What does a Driller Boy/Girl do?
A: It makes your character auto drill, so you don't have to do it yourself. [1]

Q: Are there any level 190+ pets that can be compounded with WT?
A: There are currently no WT compoundable pets of any level. Some pets from past My Shop/Gacha events like Groom Tau, Madison and Cheerleader Stella give base WT, but they're not available anymore.

Q: How do I level up Crystal pets?
A: You need Growth Vitamins. With these Crystal pets, the stats of E1 will be your base stats at E2. Those stats of E2 will be the base stats of E3, and so on. [1] [Nikeos]

Q: If I level up a Crystal pet, do I lose the image of the pet it's fused to?
A: Yes. Leveling up the pet will also cause it to lose any hardants compounded to it. Because of this, you shouldn't fuse your Crystal pet with another rare pet until it has reached T4. [1]

Senpai 08-05-2011 06:54 AM

Section 17: Power Leveling

Q: How does it work?
Power leveling is where one person in a party kills monsters, giving the larger share of the EXP to another person in the same party to "level" them. The client (the person receiving EXP) needs to be within 99 levels either way of the power leveler (the person killing). In a two-person party , EXP share should be "Manual", with 60% for the client and 40% for the power leveler. For more EXP, you can get two more people (known as "fillers") to join the party. Fillers need to stay off the map at all times. EXP share should be set to 40% for the client, 10% for the power leveler, with the remaining EXP divided between the two fillers any way you wish. Most people go with 40/10/10/40 or 40/10/25/25. [1] [2]

Q: What are fillers?
A: As above. Fillers "fill" a party, since the EXP party members receive increases with the number of people in the party. If they provide a Royal or Special party, the EXP gets even better. Fillers should never be on the same map as the leveler and client, though.

Q: Can I power level on monsters below my level?
A: Not unless you want your client to get less EXP than they could. Power leveling on monsters below your level is like training on them - there is a penalty, except it transfers to your client instead. That basically means you're wasting their time, money and booster. Only power level on monsters above your level to ensure your client gets the best EXP possible.

Senpai 08-05-2011 07:23 AM

Section 18: Time Capsule

Q: What is this and how does it work?
A: This system allows players to have more than three characters on one account by "freezing" one you don't want to play to free up a slot for creating a new one. A character is "frozen" when you enter it into the time capsule and no longer appears on your character selection page. It's "defrosted" when you remove it from said time capsule. Once a character is frozen, you can't access or play it until it's defrosted. You need one free slot to defrost a character.

Q: How do I freeze a character?
A: You need one Time Capsule Ticket from My Shop for each character you want to freeze.

Q: How do I defrost a character?
A: Make sure you have an available free slot. On the character selection page, click "Defrost" and select your character.

Q: Will items in my inventory disappear if I freeze a character?
A: No. If you have timed accessories equipped on you or in your inventory, they will be frozen as well so their timer won't run until you defrost that character.

Q: It says that my friend and guild list won't be saved. Is this true?
A: Yes. Freezing a character also wipes your friend list and removes you from the list of every friend that has you added. If you're in a guild, you need to quit your guild first. If you're in a relationship or married, you need to terminate the relationship or get a divorce before you can proceed with freezing.

Q: I'm in a relationship/married. Do I need to terminate my relationship first?
A: As above.

Q: I bought a Time Capsule Ticket but can't find it anywhere in my inventory. Help?
A: You don't see the Ticket, but don't worry. It's there and you don't need to withdraw any item. The Ticket is automatically stored on your account and ready for use when you want to freeze. All you need to do is buy it.

Q: Will my frozen character disappear from the rankings on the website?
A: Yes.

Q: I'm confused. Are there any screenshots of how it works?
A: See this thread.

Senpai 08-05-2011 08:01 AM

Section 19: My Shop

Q: Can I recharge with PayPal on more than one account?
A: Yes, but there's a monthly spending limit of $250 per PayPal account no matter how many SGI accounts you use it on. [Settie] [1]

Q: I want to sell my My Shop points. How can I do this safely?
A: You can reduce your risk of getting scammed by following a few golden rules. Never "Gift First" (GF) to someone you can't trust. That already rules out 99% of the community. No matter how trustworthy someone may look, real money is always at stake. Only deal through ggFTW. The chances of finding genuinely trustworthy buyers here are high, and if you're a new seller with zero reputation yourself, you'll need to offer GF to the few trustworthy buyers you can find around here to earn your reputation and be eligible to ask for "Pay First" (PF) eventually. Only GF to ggFTW members with at least 10-20 iTrader points and some evidence of being a reliable MS buyer. Don't judge the trustworthiness of a buyer by their character's level. Even a level 300+ can scam.

Q: How many Nate's Bottles do I get for 3.6k MS?
A: Only one. [1]

Q: What is the tempering range for [insert My Shop equipment]?
A: For equipment with fixed status purchased directly from My Shop instead of from random boxes, the formula is:


Minimum = starting value * 0.75
Maximum = starting value * 1.35

For example, an item with 120 MP would have a range of 90-162 MP. [Dussty] [1]

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