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Section 20: Accounts

Q: I'm banned. What should I do?
A: Send an email to and explain your situation. This should be sent from the email address that is currently associated with the banned account. Don't try sending a 1:1 from a mule account. Syn is the GM dealing with all account issues and she gets thousands of emails every week. According to Settie, it's best to email them in the middle of the week, namely Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Expect to receive an automated reply, typically within 24 hours, asking you to provide the following information, which MUST be an exact match to the information you gave when you first registered.

If you're already reading this, you can speed up the process by filling out the form below and including it in your first email to them, though they might ask you to fill it out again.


Q: I don't remember my information. I lied about it. What should I do?
A: Be honest and explain yourself in the email. Though, if you gave false information and don't remember it anymore, I doubt they will verify your account for you and proceed with the investigation.

Q: I've already sent the email. Why haven't I got a reply yet?
A: I've been told that Syn receives hundreds of emails every day. She also has to take care of complaints from players of other SGI games. You'll normally get an automated reply within 24 hours, but the actual reply might not come for a week or even more than that. Some emails go unanswered for months. Be patient and wait about two weeks before you email her again.

Q: Why was I banned?
A: The most common reasons for bans are account sharing, language violations and cumulative penalty resulting in a permanent ban. Bans can be temporary or permanent. If you get reported for swearing, you may be temporarily banned for a few days. More serious offenses like account sharing or hacking tend to result in a permanent ban straight away.

Q: I don't know why I'm banned. I never shared or used bad language!
A: The reason for being banned is not always obvious. If you've ever given your account to someone and that person accesses it, that counts as sharing. If you've accessed another person's account, that's also sharing. If you've logged on your account from a friend's computer, a public computer or an internet café, they might get the wrong idea and ban you for sharing. You could also be banned just for gifting or receiving My Shop from a compromised account. This is a security precaution they take and most people in this situation will be unbanned.

Q: What are the chances that I'll be unbanned?
A: It depends on the reason for your ban. They're very strict with hacking and bug abuse. If you're guilty of either of those, your chances of being unbanned are next to none. If you've shared your account, you might get a second chance.

Q: I tried logging on the website and got a "7767" error. What does this mean?
A: The 7767 isn't really an error. It just means they've denied access to that particular account from the website, most likely because they have reason to suspect that the account is compromised and poses a security risk. In most cases, you can still log on the game with a 7767, but you won't be able to recharge, use 1:1 support or participate in certain events unless it's resolved. You should send an email to with "7767" in the subject header about this.

Q: My characters got deleted. Can I get them back?
A: Yes. Whether they were deleted by you or somebody else, it's possible to have them restored. [1] Send an email to with "Character Restoration" as the subject and explain your situation. This is what Syn had to say about it:


Q: Can I get banned for PesteRing?
A: PesteRing in itself won't get you banned, but it might depend on what you said. If you're PesteRing in a different language or using profanity, then you could be banned if you get reported.

Q: My account is blocked because of "cumulative penalty." What does this mean?
A: Cumulative penalty means you've racked up too many temporary bans and now you're permanently banned. The release date is usually in 2036 or something. You should send an email to if this happens to you. [1]

Q: Can I sell my account?
A: Sharing, trading or selling your account is a violation of the Terms of Use. If you sell your account, the most likely person to get into trouble is the one who buys it from you, because the account is still registered under your name. [1] I personally don't recommend it.
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