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10-19-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Default "WINNER! Trickster-Fast Track" email, is this a scam?


SG Interactive congratulates you on your good fortune and gaming skills!

You have won one (1) Fast Track Patch for the Trickster event you entered!" this legit? And what is a "Fast Track Patch" anyway. The sender is

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10-19-2012   #2 (permalink)
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I don't know about that but I think you should send a 1:1 to gamerage to confirm this
It doesent sound very legit to me as I have never heard of this 'Fast Track Patch' only the Event and it finished a few months ago

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10-19-2012   #3 (permalink)
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This is what they wrote in their Facebook page:
"Attention, Tricksters!

Just a reminder for those who don't know about our Fast Track feature - for a limited time, you can instantly level up a single character from 30 to 130! You can read all the details about the event on our event page below. Even better, on top of a free quick level-up and in-game gear, we'll be giving away exclusive swag!

If you Fast-Track a character before August 29th, you will be eligible to win one of 200 of those sweet Fast Track Patches I showed off yesterday! Two lucky winners will ALSO receive an iPod Nano!

Last but not least, we'll be giving out an *additional* 10 patches to random players who SHARE THIS POST! (To make sure we can contact you if you win, please include your In-Game Name in a comment below.) We want everyone to experience Fast Track, so share share share! We'll pick winners on the 29th!

If you haven't used Fast Track yet, now's the time to do it! See you in-game!"

Also, later:
"Attention, Tricksters!

I have our winners from our Trickster Fast Track Patch Giveaway!


We will be contacting you via e-mail in the near future to get your shipping address. Please make sure your e-mail on your game account is accurate and up to date!

Congrats to all our winners!"

If you are one of them, I suppose you can say it's legit XD this event was from September though, I don't know if you are in time to claim your prize.
10-19-2012   #4 (permalink)
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IGN: Luminet
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This is the Fast Track Patch:

Here's the event link:
Trickster - Fantasia Server

Luminet | Kizarin | Sunyuri


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