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Rydia 10-04-2012 04:21 AM

Someone who bought the Sakurako Set
Did you happen to get the mycamp that came along with it last time? It'll be like pink trees and some dolls. Probably not but I wanted to confirm, thanks. ]:

ToraTora 10-04-2012 06:38 AM

As far as I can tell, I did not receive any MyCamp items with the set.

Rydia 10-04-2012 10:18 AM

Alright, thanks!

Seru 10-04-2012 12:06 PM

I assume the set was re-released? But the first time the set came out, there was also a promotional event that if you bought the full set (including the accessories) then you received the mycamp items. I ended up getting 2-3 sets of the sakura trees and two different dolls. So I guess the mycamp set was only obtainable during the first time the set was released with the promotional event.

CrescentMoonie 10-04-2012 02:07 PM

Aww man, those Sakura Trees are adorable too. :P

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