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Suzaku 07-03-2008 07:05 PM

Suzaku’s Tips and Tricks to Fighting Giovanni v0.3
Suzaku’s Tips and Tricks to Fighting Giovanni v0.3

Disclaimer [FDG01]
This guide is copyright to Suzaku on Do NOT reproduce and place on any other website without my express permission.

Introduction [FDG02]
Don Giovanni is a nasty boss-type monster you have to fight in order to complete the first chapter for Episode 2, and gain access to Mirage Island.

Unless you are insanely over-leveled, most standard leveling tactics will not work against Don Giovanni. He just has too much resistance and way too much AP for his own good, and will generally destroy you before you can even take a notch off his HP if you’re not careful.

However, there are small things you can do to give yourself an advantage over him, and this guide will help give you an edge on him when you do decide to fight him. It should be noted that it is significantly easier to defeat Don Giovanni when you have access to ranged attacks. Some of the tips provided in this guide are not applicable to melee attacks.

The following is a small video detailing a few of the tips found in this guide, specifically for ranged classes, and I hope may show you better then what I try to explain in words.

Table of Contents [FDG03]
Disclaimer [FDG01]
Introduction [FDG02]
Table of Contents [FDG03]
Contact Information [FDG04]
Things to Know About Don Giovanni [FDG05]
General Tips and Tricks [FDG06]
Trapping Don Giovanni [FDG07]
Class Specific Tips [FDG08]
Final Words [FDG09]
Acknowledgements [FDG10]
Version History [FDG11]

Contact Information [FDG04]

In-Game Characters
Suzaku (Dragon)
Lysial (Fox)
Angellyn (Sheep)

Things to Know About Don Giovanni [FDG05]
-Don Giovanni runs fast (he will out run your normal walking speed)

-Don Giovanni has huge resistances

-Don Giovanni attacks fast

-Don Giovanni hits hard

-Don Giovanni can use Electroshock (and can immobilize you with Electroshock)

-Don Giovanni can use Berserker

-Don Giovanni hits harder with HULK SMASH! (AKA, when using Berserker)

With a large attack power and enormous resistances, this is a tediously long fight. Additionally, the deadly combination of Electroshock’s paralysis effect and Berserker will generally end the fight very quickly.

General Tips and Tricks [FDG06]
Run…Seriously, Run
This guide’s main focus is for ranged classes. Because of this, it is important that you can kite him for all it’s worth. He hits hard, and you want to minimize how many times he has an opportunity to hit you.

Because Don Giovanni does run faster then you, getting your hands on any sort of speed enhancing accessory will be a great benefit with your fight against Don Gionvanni.

Be Patient
Don Giovanni is infamous for chaining Electroshocks together to keep you immobile while pounding you into the ground. It is important that you do not be caught in a situation like this.

Attack Don Giovanni on your terms, when you are ready to run and take cover. All it takes is one Electroshock to put you in a very unfavorable situation, and it is best to avoid this as much as possible.

Have over 7K HP
Don Giovanni crits for at least 5,000 damage when he is Berserk. It is important to be able to withstand a hit from him when he is able to hit you. All it takes is one lucky hit to end this fight for you.

Because of Don Giovanni’s large amount of resistance, no matter how much attack base stat you have, your damage will generally be crap. Instead, focus your gear on HP for increased survivability. The more, the better (since you will have to pot less in order to reach that threshold of surviving another hit).

Carry Large Healing Potions
Don Giovanni’s attack speed makes it imperative that you are able to heal as quickly as possible. Just because you can survive one hit does not mean you will be able to survive another. I would recommend carrying pots that heal for at least 1,000 HP per use (Herb Potions, which can be purchased at Aquarius Item Shop in Ghost Blue)

Understand your Max Range
Put the most amount of distance humanly possible between you and Don Giovanni when attacking. This will give you more time to run, and reduce the risk of being hit.

Wait on Don
This falls with understanding your max range and being patient. Wait for Don Giovanni to move before attacking. If he moves towards you, fall back, if he moves away, relocate to an ideal location before attacking. This will give you several moments where Don Giovanni will stand still, so you can plan your attack. You do not want Don Giovanni charging you before you have a chance to get an attack off, and pre-maturely ending your session.

Surviving Electroshock
Surviving Electroshock itself is not an issue, it’s a matter of being immobilized as an effect of Electroshock. Unless you are using melee or feel you can tank Don Giovanni sufficiently, the best bet is to try to pot through all the damage and running away.

Increasing Survivability
If you feel you do enough damage to Don Giovanni, then feel free to swap even more damage gear for gear that entails more survivability such as HV and LK. What is considered enough damage is all up to personal preference. For myself, I was content to kill Don Giovanni using a 37 damage Cleaving Terra on my Sheep.

Trapping Don Giovanni [FDG07]
It is possible to put Don Giovanni in a position where he cannot strike back when using ranged attacks. At this time, there are two points where I recommend fighting Don Giovanni, and they are detailed below.

Bottom Trap Area
There is no real way to describe this area. It’s at the very bottom of the map, in the center. Here, there are two platforms positioned with a gap between them. It is possible to attack Don Giovanni on either side and he will not be able to retaliate.

The location where the Sheep is standing is an ideal place to maximize your range.

It helps to understand your maximum attack range in this case, as you will know when you can attack, and when your Trickster will start running around the trap area to try to attack Don Giovanni, which is not good.

After the initial hit, it is absolutely imperative that you move away from that position. Don Giovanni has insane range, and can hit you if you stay where your standing. Move back to a safe distance, like shown below, and continue your attacks.

Sometimes, Don Giovanni moves into a position will he will run around the corner to attack you. In this case, retreat and try to reposition him. In other cases, since he cannot attack you, he will wander off on his own and move out of attack distance. Try to get him back into position if you can, if not, take the fight to him and try to put him back into the trap spots.

Middle Trap Area
This area is a bit more dangerous, but at the same time, it is easier to put Don Giovanni in the position you want him two. The locations are shown below.

This location is the area just above the rift from the first trap location.

You can be standing on any side of this bent quadrilateral, as long Don Giovanni is on opposite side. As long you’re in the position where either the Sheep or Don Giovanni is located on the pictures, and Don Giovanni is on the opposing location, he should not come after you. This is not always the case, and if even moves a little when you do damage, he’ll start coming after you. However, he does have to move around the gap, so that will give you time to react and retreat.

Again, like before, he can get bored with you and walk off on his own accord, so you will have to reposition him.

Putting Don Giovanni in the second trap area is much easier then putting him in the first trap area. However, because of this fact, the second trap is also a riskier choice compared to the first. Because of this, I would recommend only using the second trap area if you have fast attacks that will allow you as much time as possible to retreat.

Class Specific Tips [FDG08]
Power Types
Buffalo with Faint
Buffalo’s with faint can apparently bug Don Giovanni out where he will not attack you, and instead run around like a chicken with his head cut off. This isn’t confirmed by me, though it seems to be a common “strategy” for fighting Don as a Buffalo

Bunnies (Credits to xKakashi)
The idea of using a speed enhancing accessory is greatly recommended. This, combined with Dash allows for a Bunny to quickly escape from Don Giovanni after attacking once. Hit-and-runs are highly recommended: hit Don Giovanni in the face with melee or skill, then Dash away and keep running until he stops chasing. Repeat.

For Bunnies, patience is a critical part of your strategy. You can try to attack Don Giovanni while he is in Berserker mode, but I would recommend putting that kind of risk on yourself.

Magic Types
Kite for all its worth, but don’t be impatient. If you have access to Mana Storm or Cleaving Terra, it makes it easier to put Giovanni in the bottom trap area to kill for. As long as you play it smart,

If you do not have access to AoE’s, tread carefully. Cast times can make or break you if you’re impatient. If Don Giovanni moves towards you while you’re casting, this leads to trouble, very quickly. Waiting on Don Giovanni to move first before going on the offensive is highly encouraged.

Sense Types
Both trapping grounds are viable to be used. Keep up the pressure, but don’t overstep your limits. Know when to run and know when to attack. You should have no problem defeating Don Giovanni if you play it smart.

LK Foxes
I highly encourage getting Aura of Luck before taking on Don Giovanni. This will you give you a substantial boost to your LK and allow you to block Don Giovanni effortlessly, almost. There will be times where he will get two lucky hits on you, finishing off the fight, but for the most part, you can literally stay in his face and whack him to death.

DA Foxes
Since you don’t have the LK like a LK fox does, staying in Don Giovanni’s face may not be the best approach to him. Shuriken Throw can turn you into a ranged class, though. However, due to Shuriken Throw’s long wind up time, I would recommend you wait on Don Giovanni to move before going on the offensive.

I would also recommend waiting to learn Aura of Luck before trying to take on Don Giovanni. You may not have as much LK as a LK Fox, but the extra LK will increase your durability.

Charm Types
I have honestly not played a Charm type against Don Giovanni before, but there are two things I have read about that will make Don Giovanni a breeze for you, if you have either or both of these abilities.

Skunk Pouch can apparently bug Don Giovanni out so he does nothing but run around like a chicken with his head cut off. Needless to say, this makes the fight ridiculously easy.

Galder Throw is an ability that pieces physical resistances. At Lv.10, this skill can deal 650 damage per throw, at the cost of 38MP and 100 galder. Again, needless to say, this sort of damage is huge. This is a highly recommended way of dealing with Don Giovanni as a Charm type. Of course, do not get overconfident, as he can kill you just as easily as any other class that fights him, so play carefully. Just know you will probably have the easiest time of all the classes defeating Don Giovanni with this method.

HV Charms
Similar to a LK Fox, HV Charm types have ridiculous amounts of dodge potential, and can potentially tank Don Giovanni as easily as a LK fox blocks him. With this kind of strategy, it is possible to just stay in his face and beat the stuffing out of him.

Final Words [FDG09]
I do not claim to be the come-all-end-all tome of knowledge against Don Giovanni. Everything written here is in my own personal experience from fighting Don Giovanni with three different characters so far, plus things I have read and heard about over the course of my Trickster Online lifetime.

I do hope that the advice given in this guide will help you defeat Don Giovanni, as he is a pain in the ass to kill, and you should be happy to have knocked him down a peg. I hope you all found this guide very informative, and I’m always happy to hear comments and criticisms about this guide.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed reading this guide.

Acknowledgements [FDG10]
-Thistle, for providing screenshots for this guide
-Mysteria, for mentioning that HV is also good way for defeating Don, as you are similar to an LK fox tank
-Ildanach, for bringing to my attention the Faint bug with Buffalos against Don
-Andrus, for pointing out that there can be more defensive equips such as HV and LK for survival
-anieve and xKakashi, for making me think that I should add a section regarding surviving Electroshock
-xKakashi, for providing a strategy when using a bunny to fight Don Giovanni

Version History [FDG11]
-Beginning of Guide, core elements created
-Provided a YouTube video explaining some of the tips and techniques fighting Don Giovanni (specific for ranged classes)
-Fixed some typo errors in the guide
-Modified the Introduction a little to reflect a more complete guide
-Added a “Surviving Electroshock” to “General Tips and Tricks”
-Added an “Increasing Survivability” to “General Tips and Tricks”
-Added some advice for Power Types in this guide
-Added “HV Charms” to “Class Specific Tips”
-Acknowledgements for Mysteria, Ildanachm, Andrus, anieve, xKakashi

Mysteria 07-03-2008 07:17 PM

One hell of a great guide. Also for pure HV charms it should be a breeze if you have enuf HV. Like Don could only hit me once out of the 5463468 times it tried to take me down. :)

Ildanach 07-03-2008 07:22 PM

Nice guide. d(>_<)b

For Power Type, I heard Buffalo's Faint has the same bug as Skunk Pouch unless they have fixed it.

ZackHiro 07-03-2008 07:26 PM

Lol thx for guide yea,,I spammed skunk and I pwnd him at lv 80 or 90 ;)

Sanichi 07-03-2008 07:33 PM

better than expected good job :)

Andreus 07-03-2008 07:59 PM

Great guide.

This took me 2 minutes on my racoon due to galder throw. Any HV racoon, or if you want level1 galder throw racoon will have an extremely easy time at even level 80.
As you said, don't get overconfident, but you can't help it. Galder throw's cast time is around mid range, not as long as shuriken throw or card throw, but longer than those melee skills.
The only thing you have to be careful about is the range at which you throw the galder, it's pretty close to Giovanni.
My advice, click the hotkey and then click in the opposite direction of Giovanni

This took longer for my fox. (6 Tries -.-)
I'll recommend this for any class, have HIGH LK AND HV. Honestly I beat him with just over 5.2k Hp, just enough to survive his berserker critical and spam potions.
But with high, 60~70 LK and 40~50 HV you'll be seeing misses and blocks instead of 1284793860294 amount of damage.
Although HP is a must, LK and HV have just as much to do with your survival.

Once again GREAT guide, now I know how to beat him on my sheep and my lion. Many internets to you.

ZackHiro 07-03-2008 08:14 PM

hahaha xD I didn't and will never learn galder throw I beat him my ap and skunk ;)

Suzaku 07-05-2008 11:23 AM

Thanks for all the comments ^^ I'll try to update my guide again with the extra advice as soon as possible. Just really tired right now x.X

For now, I've composed a small video for the guide to help explain the trapping thing a bit better, I hope.

Mini-bump for v0.2 of guide?

TehAwesomo 07-05-2008 11:32 AM

lol btw for power types and maybe charm types. a good way i killed don giuvanni is I got a soiled GS and dark GLS and i just spammed pots and kept meleeing him lol. go get at least 7k hp too.

anieve 07-05-2008 05:20 PM

Yay awesome guide! I wish I had known about the spots when I was trying with my fox. She died 7 times ><;;; But another strategy I used with her just to get in a little bit of extra damage was to plant a landmine, shuriken him to direct him to the landmine, then run like mad ^^ I know a lot of lower lvl foxes won't be able to use it, but if they do have it, it helps.

Oh and for my sheep, I realized that she could still heal spam while being shocked. So what I did was heal spam until I could move again regardless of whether or not she was injured yet. Somehow I managed to survive his beserk that way :x. I'm not sure if my fox could have pot spammed while shocked or not. I don't know how electroshock works ><;

Kebin 07-05-2008 05:27 PM

Amazing guide, heres my contribution I guess...

Bunnies have an extremely hard time to destroy Don Geo. I took over 100 tries =P
A useful item is a sprint, it doesn't seem like much but when a bunny uppercuts/Uppersmashes then tries to dash away sometimes you walk a bit before it actually dashes, this can be life or death =O
Also, be patient, do not go all out, get in a skill every few seconds, do not try to rush, the last thing you want is for Don to kill you right before he dies.
If Don electroshocks you, do not try to get in another hit, just pot over and over and pray to god he stops to cast berserker and the electroshock is gone, then hope dash is succesful.
All I can say x_x

super5cell 07-07-2008 11:03 AM

nice guide

TehAwesomo 07-07-2008 07:36 PM

very good guide ;D

Andreus 07-08-2008 03:06 PM

I like the video is has all the information of the text condensed into a movie.
Great for those people who feel threatened by those giant walls of text.

Suzaku 07-10-2008 08:18 PM

Thanks again for all the positive feedback on the guide. Bump for update on version 0.3

v0.3 Updates include
-Fixed some typo errors in the guide
-Modified the Introduction a little to reflect a more complete guide
-Added a “Surviving Electroshock” to “General Tips and Tricks”
-Added an “Increasing Survivability” to “General Tips and Tricks”
-Added some advice for Power Types in this guide
-Added “HV Charms” to “Class Specific Tips”
-Acknowledgements for Mysteria, Ildanachm, Andrus, anieve, xKakashi

[EDIT]I don't suppose there's a way to change the title of the thread, is there? It's not really v0.1 anymore, and the forum keeps listing it as such, despite my edits. Do I need to make another thread? [/EDIT]

Suzaku 07-23-2008 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by Ameh (Post 72309)
Suzaku, this is a very good guide, and I almost gave up fighting him in the first place until I thought of your tips. My light dragon is only level 81 and just beat Don Giuvanni.

As a mage, I can only point out that all the tips here would work better for sheep than dragon. In your video, you were able to lure him pretty well with Cleaving Terra and Mana Storm. You had multiple attack skills, and Terra itself has a HUGE range.

My mage has only a level 10 Arrow Rush and level 1 Arrow of Light. >_> But the info about the map layout really helped. I was also able to attack him from the very TOP LEFT corner (there's also a rift there between the two platforms) and it works even when you've switched positions. In my experience, Don will eventually move to or close enough to EITHER one of these spots so that a ranged class can stay from a distance and attack him. If you add to your guide the bit about the top left, that might be helpful to others too. Um.. you probably know which part I'm talking about? If not, here's a screenshot... and where I'm standing, he would be standing on the platform right opposite me with that huge gap between us. It's another spot that works well for a mage with Arrow Rush, since apparently the spell range is long enough to hit him from that distance.

Took almost an hour to kill the douche but I did ok thanks to this guide. ;o

XD Well, if it means anything to you, it took me 45 minutes to do it myself on my Light Dragon.

I will have to try that spot again and see (I have a gun Fox up and coming ATM), I tried it before, but it didn't seem as effective as the lower areas, the sections I used to kill Don with my Sheep and Dragon.

But yes, that area does work better with AoE oriented skills, but not entirely impossible to use with single target skills either, just harder to use.

Thanks for the comments ^^

Thistle 07-23-2008 04:50 PM

I managed it off of my gunner fox which is similar to using a dragon because of the range on the skills. However, since Suzaku and I live together I might get him to use my nub MA dragon to see if there's other strategies for it when the character is high enough. Using a DP Dragon like Suzaku has makes a difference in strategies verses an MA build so it's not quite the same--just as a sheep and a dragon have different strategies. It's a very good point that you brought up ^_^!

Raion 08-08-2008 01:00 PM

My DA fox took Don down in 1 try, and it was lvl 82 then. no aura.
I used 6th sense and threw shuriken, they did around 60-70 dmg on him. Just staying on the other side of the gap where he can't hit worked fine.

BabySun 08-12-2008 03:59 PM

for everyone with long range attack. just wear a sprint and go and kill him. hit and run for ur life. i killed him with my 81 Dragon using AR. i did about 26 damage each arrow hitting around 2-3 arrows each times. i couldnt kill him without sprints. so sprint is a must to killing don. :D.

Lemoninity 08-12-2008 08:15 PM

Random comment: Video guide on sniping spots reminds me of Runescape ranged guides.

Personal opinion: I didn't realize he was so hard at low levels. Eh, I guess its worth the leet exp the episode quest gives as a whole. I'll probably use your sniping spots when I make a new lion.

Suggestion: You might want to add that although Galder Throw does good damage to this boss, it is mostly useless anywhere else. I suggest you put in a warning not to add points to galder throw just for this fight as charms have horrible 1st job skills but could save for more useful 2nd job skills ,and that they should only use it if they already have it.

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