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MrCoconut 01-29-2013 06:29 AM

Hey Guys
Hello fellow Tricksters,

I know these past few days have been difficult not only for the people still playing Trickster but also to those who have quit. Trickster has been in our lives since 2006 and honestly I can still remember by first day. I made a Lion without even knowing its build. I pumped my stat points into AP, AC, HP, DP, and LK, which, without a doubt, became a failure. I then made my bunny named Damyen and all I can say is that I really enjoy playing it. I partied at Path to Oops Wharf, Bugbears, SF3, Techi4, and Tap1. Eventually, I was able to reach 200+.

I made a lot of characters which led me to deleting some of them. I only stick to one account. After 3 years, I quit playing because my friends no longer log on and I was also getting tired of playing. Soon, I found myself playing different MMORPGs Like Luna Online, Dragonica, Iris Online. These games that I've played were fun but not as fun as Trickster Online. After 2 years, I finally came back to Trickster, hoping it would bring the magic back. Fortunately, it did. I played it for a few months and quit again and after a few months of not playing I came back again. This went on and on until I decided to play again on November 2012, when I joined Dawn and leveled my lion ScrappyCoco.

During the time I was playing I was kind of regretting that I kept on quitting Trickster. If only I had played it continuously, I should have seen how Trickster grew, but I didn't. So when I came back last November, I said to myself that I won't leave the game I have learned to love.

And now that Trickster is finally going to put on to rest, I would like to say something to all of you Trickster lovers out there. I just want to tell you guys that if you don't want Trickster to close down, not logging on to the game is not something you do to support it. Yeah, you can say everything you will do from then on would be pointless, but then, all the memories you guys had while on Trickster would be pointless as well.

Some people had quit and came back just like I did a few years back. When you had nothing to turn to, Trickster, the game you love was there to make you happy. Some people even ask what makes them keep on coming back to Trickster. I myself is also wondering about it. Always remember that Trickster was always there for us, always there to help us escape from reality. Now is the time to return that favor. Log in and keep on playing because it's not yet the end until we see it close down! Our beloved game needs us. We can't just leave her there, can we?

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