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Queen 06-30-2012 10:53 AM

7767 - Let Your Voice Be Heard
Hi guys! In Rydia's stead I will be running this thread while she is on vacation for the next two weeks. This will not be a place to discuss, flame, cuss, or fume out your negative feelings. All such posts will be reported and requested to be deleted. If you want to discuss the 7767 account ban, please go here: /forum/trickster-onl...ople-here.html.


Orginally Posted by Rydia

Basically we want to collect a bunch of messages from everyone about unresolved 7677s and then post them all on the official forum in one post as a way for people with 7677 to get their voices heard on an official platform. The post will go in Suggestions and the suggestion will be that 7677ed people need help.

The messages are to be NICE and RESPECTFUL this isn't a chance for you to rip into the GMs and swear at the game. I know you're frustrated but anger isn't going to get us anywhere. We're looking for stuff like this in your message:

- How long you've been 7677ed
- How you miss being able to participate in website events.
- How you would like to recharge again.
- How having a 7677 is making you not want to play as much and how that makes you sad because you love Trickster.

Something along those lines. They can be long or short, whatever you are comfortable with sharing.

You don't have to have a 7677 to write a message, if you have something to say about how you think all these unresolved 7677s are effecting the game and community, it can be posted too.

Someone will make a thread when we have gathered enough messages, so tell your friends who have a 7677 to post here! If they don't have a ggftw account, tell them to make one, it takes like a minute and every post will help.
If anyone has suggestions on things to add please send me a Private Message. This thread is ONLY going to be personal accounts of players's 7767s. It will be linked from the main forum to show proof to the staff that individual people did in fact post everything and essentially that we're not making anything up (not like we would).

You should also PM me if I miss an "offensive" post.

You may add POSITIVE comments about the idea of this thread (This idea is great, I hope this works for people, etc), but please do not DISCUSS 7767.

Please include the following in your post, please follow this exactly (or at least along these lines) as it will be easier for whoever posts this to copy and paste all the accounts of 7767 into the big thread for the official forums.


Hi my name is/Hello SGI Staff, I am/etc YOUR FORUM NAME HERE and this is my 7767 story.

Write your story here.

I mean it when I say I am really policing this thread.

If you change your forum username, please edit in your post. I will hound you and if you do not follow the rules I will ask that your post be deleted, I will keep a copy in a Word document and you can PM me for it back when you're willing to follow the rules.

I will edit in any new rules after making a post, so please check for MY posts for updates, and it's up to you to update your post if you want to include new information. I will constantly re-read updated posts to watch for vulgarity/insults.

This thread will be closed upon completion and most of this information will be edited out prior.

This will go on for about two-three weeks before we post it, depending on how many people keep posting after two weeks (which is when Rydia will return, and it's her idea so I want her back to finish execution).

Two Weeks from posting date will be: July 14

Queen 06-30-2012 11:02 AM

Hi my name is Dare at ggFTW, in-game I am known as Kyzuumi, and this is my 7767 experience.

I received the 7767 error in about October 2011 and it is still unresolved. I'm really content with being patient as I'm glad I can still at least enjoy the game, but I would love to see the 7767 response system streamlined. I think the 7767 should still be in the game, and I understand that a computer now sifts through data and hands them out, but I'd love to see the handling time for a 7767 ban go down. It's important to protect players from hazardous players, but at the flip side of the coin the non-hazardous players who might have bumped elbows with a hazardous player once are fairly low-threat. I was told my 7767 was a bumping-elbows situation, and one of my accounts remains without 7767 but my "main" account remains with 7767. I really miss being able to recharge on my main account and I love supporting this game. What really upsets me is when I miss great events like the Dice event. It was rough watching all my friends farm Dice and I was sitting on over a thousand just from using my Drill pet and picking them up while leveling my new Soul Master. I got a reply stating my account could not be resolved until the other account was, but I really do missing playing Trickster to it's fullest extent. I keep writing guides to help new players because I love this game. I was just planning to post them on the official forums when I got the 7767 error, so now they are stuck here at ggFTW instead of me being able to share them with even more people.

I am going on almost 10 months of having 7767; I have submitting a ticket to the new system and have yet to get a response. I look forward to the day I can truly enjoy Trickster Online again.

Devely 06-30-2012 11:05 AM

I very much like this idea, and I'm hoping the general purpose of it sticks. I am sorry that my input here does not include anything to do with 7767.

Jessica 06-30-2012 11:42 AM

If you guys need any help, let me know, I'll try as hard as I can. It's a great idea and I hope it does something. I don't have a 7767 so I can't really say anything, but good luck guys :3

Bass 06-30-2012 03:39 PM

I would like to help, but my 7767 (Second one that is) has only been here for a month, my last one was fixed in a span of 2~3 days, and some people have been with the issue for over a year and still hanging in there, so I won't complain too much.

Though I would like to add that not being able to recharge is a major pain in the neck, I missed quite a couple of things that I would like to have gotten for a new character that I was going to make, and wasn't able to (Ahzi 140 and Ahzi 190 for the rings) some other needed MS in-between, and some boxes and whatnot.

The 1st Job Boy pets was inevitable I would miss the chance even if I recharged on a mule, though the other stuff I could easily do that. But I am not going to bend over backwards to pay for a mediocre service, pouring money into something that I am uncertain if I will be banned or not, or my recharge mules are going to get 7767'd because of being associated with my 7767'd Main Account.

So I just decided to slowly let go of Trickster, and focus my leisure time and my leisure money elsewhere. This 7767 issue being resolved I would certainly come back.

Sunniiee 07-01-2012 05:05 PM

Hi my name is Lita. Hello SGI Staff, I am xRainfallx of GGftw and this is my 7767 story.

I've had 7767 across my accounts several times..all revised within weeks normally. I've gotten 7767 for being h a c k ed twice...but then afterwards, for my sister being h a c k e d as well. I find it unfair how because it is an IP ban, that I am subject to this as well just because my sister is on the same IP as me. I have also logged in from various places such as on vacation and gotten 7767 I believe..but that's besides the point. I really miss being able to recharge and I feel like you don't want my support money. This game does depend on players buying myshop, doesn't it? And I feel bad that I can no longer support my favorite game, as well as missing out on items/sales that I'd like to spend myshop points on. I have a couple of UGCs at this moment that I'd love to spend on trickster..but I have 7767. I have had it for a couple of months now with no reply. I also miss being able to log onto the official forum, and I've been a top poster since 2009. It kinda discourages me from playing the game at all, sometimes seeing how my friends can get all the new items that I'd love to recharge to buy. I play other MMOs, but I've been trying to be patient because this is one of my favorites if not my favorite, but I don't feel like you care anymore. I'm not trying to accuse, don't get me wrong, but why don't you want to try to get rid of our 7767 if you want our money? Also...for events such as the board game I had hundreds of dice just sitting there as I hoped for my 7767 to be removed. I needed a lot of the items from that event, too.. But I really miss being able to participate in forum events and website events and all of that. I really hope you fix all our of 7767 issues. xoxo -Lita

Deletris 07-02-2012 12:52 PM


Hi my name is Deletris on ggftw and in game I am better known is AlphaOnmicide in game, and this my 7767 story~

In the past I've gotten 7767 numerous times and have had it removed. However recently I've gotten banned for 7767/account sharing. The only accounts banned with it are my mules. I would really love to clear this misunderstanding however I have waited many months for a reply.

My guild has died completely and the other neighboring guild has also had almost all their players banned because of 7767. It has forced many guildies that remained to leave. Many of my friends have also been greatly affected and like them I as well have considered leaving this game.

I've never really bothered with events online, however it is really disappointing that with 7767 I cannot recharge. I have missed a lot of myshop events and have been forced to get them a year later or longer. (Some of which were not re-released) I believe this defeats the purpose of 7767 especially when there are no chargebacks involved.

Sadly, people do not stick with one computer for six years. Over this course of time I've visited libraries, internet cafes, used different wifi connections, bought new computers, and has changed internet providers. (As well as moved once)

Furthermore, when I stay over at a relatives or a friend's house I would use their internet and if they play trickster we can pretty see what happens next. From this I find it extremely hard to avoid 7767 and even more when 7767 was not widely known.

When I did get my 7767 fixed I was extremely careful and only used my home computer/made new mules. For some odd reason it only kept coming back as time passed.

In the end, I believe 7767 defeats the reason for why it was implemented.
It does not appear to benefit anyone either.



SteelFlex 07-04-2012 02:15 AM

Hi my name is SteelFlex on ggftw and this is my 7767 story

I've had my 7767 since like 2009, I have sent numerous emails to nTreev about it only to get excuses as to why they cannot fix it. Several of my friends have quit because of it. Making 7767 and ip ban which could spread to other accounts you login was kinda over-kill on their part, when I first got the 7767 message I began to login to all my other mule accounts to send a 1:1 and guess what, they got it too.

I find it annoying since the "Boys are Back" event said that you could only get the special box accessory by buying at least 1 box from your account and having the corresponding pet in your inventory. which makes it very hard for most of my friends and me since we cannot recharge on our main accounts.

They would've made more money by not implementing 7767, since people have either quit or stopped recharging because of it.

james 07-04-2012 07:53 PM

Hi I'm Jare on and Jamesie in game.

A few months back, I was slapped with a 7767 "error." I was very confused and somewhat upset because I was so excited for Inventor Singha boxes to come out and I had been saving money to blow on them. Unfortunately, the 7767 error came no more than a month (maybe even a week or two?) before Inventor Singha came out. I was devastated. One of my best friends, Kyzuumi, had also been slapped on with the infamous 7767 and had been in contact with GM_Syn. Going off experiences from Settie and other friends, and keeping a positive attitude that it would be resolved quickly, I emailed the support email for 7767 and began my process of having it removed. While waiting, Kyzuumi had received a response stating that one of my accounts was causing her account to receive the error. This confused me greatly as we do not share accounts, though frequently send each other gifts in MyShop. When I received my reply, I was gifted with a similar tune that this account was preventing me from having my 7767 lifted. After stepping back and thinking, I had realized that this was the account my neighbor (literally one house in-between my house and his house) had played. When my neighbor played, we frequently played at each other's house, as we are friends, and that's what we liked to do. When I attempted to explain the situation to Syn, she immediately brushed it off stating that I needed to have my neighbor contact SGI. The kicker is that my neighbor is no longer my neighbor, nor are we even that close friends anymore. I am completely unable to get him to send a 7767 request to SGI. Therefore, I am now, as well as Kyzuumi, are permanently stuck with this 7767 error. When SGI introduced the new method of reporting 7767 problems, I had a slight glimmer of hope. I believed that with this new system, there would be less chaos and more order. There has not been a single response to my 7767 request at all. No automated response asking me to send information, only a "we got your ticket, thanks" email after submitting it. It makes me extremely sad that my playing with my friend, my neighbor, has caused her to suffer the problem as well. What also upsets me is that there are apparently "repeat offenders" of 7767 that get their 7767 lifted with one email, and no hassle at all, while others such as Kyzuumi, and I, as well as many others, end up waiting for a solution to never come. It frustrated me even more when I heard someone mention that GM_Syn was seen playing Project Blackout. Why is s/he playing a game when there are clearly numerous customers to be helped with 7767? I don't mean to intentionally throw him/her under the bus, but that is just unacceptable in my opinion. I really hope that these testaments help you all (SGI) see the problems that many of us are having.


Lemona 07-05-2012 02:48 AM

I sincerely wish you all the best of luck & I hope you get what you want <3

Prince 07-05-2012 06:49 AM

Hi my name is Prince at ggFTW, but in-game my main character is Astos and this is my 7767 story.

I've had the 7767 on my main account for about 3 years or more I believe,and the reasons as to how I got it are as follow.

I believe the main reason why I got the 7767 is that I logged on from a different computer on my account while I was on vacation. At that time I didn't know, and I had no clue what a 7767 stood out for, so I didn't try to resolve it or thought about it until last summer when I got active again. My other account wasn't affected until about two months ago, when a friend of mine logged on to different accounts of hes from my PC, during the events,and he played with mine after that, which resulted into me getting both accounts 7767. I tried to resolve it by writing a mail, got a response at first but after I sent mine, nothing came after that.

Because I created the account so long ago, I never bothered to remember what I wrote on the info page and the secret question and answer, and now I'm pretty much stuck.

I was planning to re-charge this summer since I saw that finally there was a payment method for my country that I could use to re-charge! There where lots and lots of items that I was interested in getting for the summer events but I never got a chance due to my accounts being 7767ed!

I believe it was my fault for the 7767 due to my lack of information, and I'm not blaming SGI, I'm just hopping there's a way I can get my account back!
Whenever I see the 7767 on my account I feel like I've missed allot! I don't want to quit playing since I have allot of good memories in this game that I'm fond of. And I also think there are many other players who feel the same way that I do. I just hope we can get our accounts back... :py06:

Primal 07-11-2012 05:51 AM

Hello everyone I'm Primal at ggFTW.
I think you have a great thing going on here and I'm just here to support you.

I did have a 7767 on my main account but I'm not going to complain about it or anything because I really don't care anymore. I'm here to tell you that the 7767 spread to a whole lot of my guild mates and to some of my close friends which caused many of them to quit the game, I just took a break for some months. When we first got the 7767 we thought it was an error and it would be fixed instantly since so many people got it, however that would not be the case since some of us did wait for quite some months and nothing was done.
We sent quite a few emails about this and all we got were some saying that they were investigating it and others actually accusing us of sharing accounts and what not. This really did annoy me, I can't say that nobody shared but I know that most people didn't and never would and just because they played sometimes at their friend's house or public places was no excuse to hammer them that way.
I too did stop playing for a while because I couldn't recharge and when I did recharge on my mules just so I wouldn't miss some boxes and what not, they too got a 7767 and it made me just give up since I had been waiting for months and no decent response.
What I did in the end was give up on that account and start over, but now I don't feel like playing anymore since I'm always with fear to get another 7767 on my account and since most of my friends quit I just really feel like TO has lost its spark.

I really do hope that all of you get your 7767 fixed because I do know what it feels like to be in your position.

Rydia 07-11-2012 08:56 AM

Hi I'm Rydia at ggftw and probably best known as *Rydia* in game and this is my 7677 experience.

I had a 7677 placed on one of my accounts, I'm not even sure when it happened but it took a few months and I had to resend the email once but it's resolved now, so I can't really complain about that. I'm happy you guys in general seem to be replying to people faster, I hear friends and guildmates getting things resolved in a matter of days, that's nice.

So mostly I want to talk about the cases that don't get resolved, people who have to wait on other people to resolve their 7677s. What's up with these? These other people have probably long quit and don't care anymore, but the people e-mailing you do care and do want to fix it. Why can't they? Is it money owed by these other people? Or I don't know? It sucks having your game experience ruined by something someone else did AND having no power to fix it. I know you guys are lenient and give people second and even third chances, so these types of 7677s really confuse me. I think more information on why this stuff happens might help...

Draft 07-12-2012 04:21 PM

Hi I'm SnowBerry at GGftw and play on my sheep XMelinaX in-game. This is not really a store/experience and I never had 7767 but it does affect me and my friends. I know this person who got a 7767 some time ago who is now disappointed cause he missed out on New 2nd Job Boxes and won't be able to recharge for Jen Boxes. Also, One of my friend who recently been hacked but when she send a 1:1 email She recieved a 7767 and was unable to get contact with the GM by e-mail. For me I been really lets say "Afraid" of 7767. I stopped playing on my brother's computer and i refuse to get a new computer since i might get a 7767. I'll tell you that i spend over a huge amount of money on this game and getting a 7767 and getting banned will be similar to throwing cash into a fire pit. My computer currently is really laggy cause its an old generation model. I would love to get a new computer so I can survive a Boss Event without freezing.
Please reconsider and remove 7767 so your company can gain more income and have more players. I love this game but i don't want it to end being hated.

Queen 08-28-2012 09:37 PM

When you work 70 hour weeks and have bills to pay, life gets hectic.

But even I still managed to write something, and to think everyone is so up-in-arms but writing paragraphs is hard work.

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