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06-30-2012   #1 (permalink)
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Smile Looking for guild an people (Jewelia)

I am looking for a active guild on Jewelia.
I just started playing again (I played years ago and quit a few times. Last time was because of the Win7 issue)
Well I just found Trickster on my computer and thought of playing it again and it is still fun to play (They changed some things since I used to play).
Well I noticed, that there are less people on the field.. or on the fields I'm on right not (around level 70) and I wonder if there is an active guild, that is recruting.
I have to say I'm a newbie still. Even if I played Trickster in the past I've never been over level 116 and past Rose Garden, so theres a lot of things I dont know.

It would be nice, if it's a european guild, because of the time shift, but I am online in the evening and night, so it's not that much of an issue.

I am also looking for people just to play with. I know this game is now a lot more solo friendly, but playing together with somebody is more fun in my opinion. As I already said I'm around level 70 and I just started the oops wharf quests, but it would also be fun to start a new char with somebody (level 70 didn't take that much time xD )

Well thats all. Hope I didn't wrote someting strange in english, as I dont speak/write english that often. Well maybe I will, when I find people to talk to ingame xD

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