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Harmonie 04-08-2012 09:20 PM

Fantasians Giveaway Event!
So I'll do a giveaway before I'll leave Fantasia.
Fantasia has been a good server and I had alot of fun on it but I have school and have a new job that keeps me pretty much busy + alot of other stuff to deal with iRL now.I might visit often when I'm done dealing with my life,which might be in monthes or never.I'm currently selling whatever I have left,and I think it'd be cool to give away some fuses and such that I have left after a few weeks

This giveaway is random,I'll pick people randomly and I'll give away whatever I have left.This event will be over @ April 28th,2012.

What : Leave your IGN and a Good bye note
When : Today - April 28th 2012
Prizes : I'll pick out 10-20 people. [I'll pick more if I find more stuff to give away]

1st Place : 300m OR a 4G Fuses [Ex : Tsunami Cape,Solar Sword,ETC]
2nd Place : 100m + A fuse @ your choice [I'll give out a list]
3rd Place : A Fuse @ your choice [I'll give out a list]
4th - 10th OR 20th + : Random Fuse that I'll pick out. [I'd appreciate if you don't sell it and not to complain about the fuse that you like it or not.]

Nebula 04-08-2012 10:06 PM

Aww this is nice of you Jia.

I hope you can sort out the paperwork and stuff and be free of stress one day. Good luck with school, university can get stressful. Remember there are lots of things in the world to learn about.

Anyways thanks for the memories in Harkon Rangers and selling me that last Hecate Shard. And our occasional conversations and the help with respawning soldiers :). Lastly thanks for being a friend.
And dont forget, the occasional visit during uni breaks. You get soo much time off.

Ps rrriiiicccceeeeeee

fate23 04-09-2012 12:05 AM

I find sad to see someone go at the same time glad that they can move on to something better. Thanks for the memories! and the nickname lol

Azumarill 04-09-2012 12:47 AM

Aw Bliss. :py56:
I know that you've might heard this from me prolly over 50 times already.

But this time you've seen to made up your mind and I guess nothing will help.
You're one of the best pals I've had on TO and you're always helping me when I needed help. I appreciate it very much.

I hate saying good bye and I hold hopes that you will return someday. So this is no good bye from me!

However, I want to wish you good luck with your job and your studies. Take well care of yourself and eat some macarons! :py24:

And whenever later you return to the game we shall GvG together in a team! >.<'


Nikeos 04-09-2012 03:21 AM

Nikeos (and all of the ones in my signature, lol)

It's at least nice to see someone with their priorities straight, so good luck with your education and new job!


Wishes 04-09-2012 09:02 AM

Goodbyes always give me tears and deep sadness. i really dont like to hear ppl saying they r leaving even if i dont know them that much, at the same time i admire their ability to move on and glad that our paths crossed together once
i wish u the best in ur life and to be able to mange everything =) hope u can be able to get back once again =)

Kaay 04-09-2012 09:28 AM

This is really necessary? Like go away and left a lot of freinds?
But it might be necessary..
Jia..Wedding..We had a lot of good moment together especially when you help me with GvG and cure my cat for I don't die haha..Or Talking about fuses and prices (most of the time) LOL.
I know how is study,work and play at once.Take your time,I did to and come back so I think you will maybe.
I will always repeat you are the haxxest person on Fantasia D: and you just come dfor like 4 months ? Haha..

On the end,I love free stuff o.o,but it don't make the sadness going away.We had a proud guild together and I will miss it.

So.. good bye Jia-chan.(I will take your msn with LIZA LOL SO I WILL NOT STOP STALKING YOU MUHAHAHAHAH)

BlazingF 04-09-2012 10:10 AM


Thank you for all the stuff you've done in Fantasia, like the refining service a month ago~
It's always sad to see a well-known player leave, but good luck in everything you do!
Do return some time ;)

InfernalGuy 04-09-2012 10:11 AM

Good bye, Jia! I don't really know you, I believe we had few deals, but that's it...

But, by reading threads/posts of yours I built a good opinion about you, I saw/felt that you are a nice and kind person.

So yeah, I should say something about your quitting now. Upcoming words are my honest opinion, you can like it or you can dislike it, it's up to you :)

So. We all know and understand that we will all quit TO: some sooner, some later, those that are left will quit once TO shuts down... But. Let's be realistic - it is just a game... A damn good game! A game that you will be telling your grandchildrens about (when these little kids will be running around with their hologramic stuff and screaming "OH NOOO, HELP ME, [insert brother name]!". But what's this? :o [insert grandchild name] came to you and asked "grandma, what the games were like when you were young?". And then you'll remember Trickster Online, you'll remember all the friends you made while playing this game and you'll remember us - the GGFTW community :)

Do not be sad for quitting, the life goes on! It is a needed sacrifice, but TO will always have a place in your memories.

I wish you best luck with your studies, whatever works you'll have, just be lucky in general, maybe win in a lottery ;)

And I wish you a bunch of cute and curious grandchilds! Be happy! :)


Wish 04-09-2012 10:37 AM

I've seen you around in mega alot, and you were like the cutest blue sheep i ever saw [even if you don't know me hah, i feel like a stalker] , so it's really sad to see you leave ~ But have fun in RL

Pressy 04-09-2012 11:58 AM

It's sad to see a fellow Fantasian and also a fellow Texan!
I wish you well in your studies and I hope that you get some time when it gets less busy to play or visit.


Math 04-09-2012 12:12 PM

Ah >-<.. it's kind of sad to see someone leave the game, but I'm sure that you'll move on to something better in real life c: I don't know you so much, but I've recognized you from your helpfulness and friendliness in the forums. I'll be having troubles with my pricing and colors from now on v_v'.

I do hope you can return when your stressfulness deflates!

Mirage 04-09-2012 05:36 PM

Aw, Jia's leaving D:

Well, I hope whatever you're doing, you'll be okay. Don't get too stressed out, 'kay? And have fun with it, too! Don't worry too much about it; and do come visit every once in a while~ Hope you're okay, and good luck to you for the future~!

MagicianHana :py63:

InfernalGuy 04-10-2012 01:10 AM

Off topic. Azumarill has just invented a new wave of house music :D

Caustic 04-10-2012 02:06 AM

I'm new to the server, but I think you might remember me, we made a deal sometime ago, I was looking for someone to trade galders between servers because I was intending to move to Fantasia (now I'm a full time fantasia player) and you helped me out with that, do you remember that?
Anyway, I couldn't get to know you better at the time because I was still playing at Jewelia, doing my things, but my first impression about you was very positive, you were so nice to me, and you encouraged me to move to Fantasia.
But now you're moving on with your life, and this is a very important decision, you're responsible for your destiny, don't let anyone tell you the opposite, life is yours, grab your oportunities, take your chances, and trust your conscience, because you know what is good and bad for you, so don't screw things up, but if you do, you can always get up and try again, so never give up and keep walking, like Jhonny Walker.

Grayz 04-10-2012 02:34 AM

I never got to know you, but bai bai anyway D:
Don't forget, we don't grow up, we only age, so come back when you have time :py55:

Adiós from GodotsWrath :]

Sakurah 04-10-2012 09:05 PM

I'll be honest. I won't miss you.

PS: I don't want to be entered, I just decided to leave you a good-bye note of my own. <3 Stay classy.

Recette 04-10-2012 09:13 PM

Bye Dress, have fun dealing with school and your new job. :py44:

Sunniiee 04-12-2012 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by Sakurah (Post 1703994)
I'll be honest. I won't miss you.

PS: I don't want to be entered, I just decided to leave you a good-bye note of my own. <3 Stay classy.

Nice way to comment rudely to someone generous enough to give away things to people of your own server. On another note...more related to this topic:

I know that we didn't start off as good friends, but rather enemies over a bad choice on my part to please a friend who was angry at me for not treating you unkindly (lol, never try to please anyone), but I'm glad that we came to understanding and I'm sorry that I didn't realize sooner that you're really an awesome person and even though I haven't really known you long, I feel like you're a really great friend. I'll miss seeing you around on fantasia and would love to see you if you ever came back. You better PM me on msn, ijs. :py63: Unless you're too busy ofc...but then again I still expect a PM on msn. Q_Q Enjoy your new job and school etc, and I hope that everything goes really well for you. You deserve it <: I'm sorry for kicking you from harkon at first, but we still weren't on good terms. q q. My bad, but I'm really glad you rejoined very soon after and we started talking. Remember, in life, no matter how stressful or bad things may seem, know that you're always amazing and above it all. ;> And don't let anything destroy your pride, because confidence once attained is beautiful and only will do you good *note the difference between ego and confidence
Ok that was kinda long...Ok I'm just making this longer >_>


kuryuki 04-16-2012 09:12 PM

I don't really know you but I've seen you around the forums xD
It's always sad to see people leaving though ): but it'll be a good change to take break from the game and focus more on real life :D I hope you can find time for both education and job x.x since I had to quit mine due to school+volunteering and stuff >3>
C: and if you ever decide to come up I hope you can continue enjoy this game like before.

- Hybari

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