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06-18-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Looking for guild

Hello....grab a seat and let me get started!

1. I am not a child, a teenager, or a college student. I am an adult (ok, I'm OLD), therefore I have adult responsibilities and cannot always be online playing games. I do make time for myself (for fun) and I try and log on daily if for no other reason than to run around and turn in my daily TM items.

2. I do NOT want to do PVP. It seems to me to be a waste of time, and exists solely for people who just have something to prove. To me, it's a game, something to enjoy. I'm not out to make enemies!

3. I tend to run back to Paradise to help out newbies. I get a kick out of knowing I've helped another "generation" of tricksters. I've been known to give up a week of my in-game time to help out someone else. It would be nice to find a guild that would occasionally help ME out as well.

4. I'm a talker. However, if I am in the middle of a monster quest, drilling, or working on finishing something up, I'm not much of a chatter. Also, if you have horrible spelling and/or grammar...I will just ignore you.

So......are there any guilds out there that I fit into??????

....somehow I doubt it

I can be found on Jewelia as Yowleena. I am looking forward to hearing from someone!
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06-22-2011   #2 (permalink)
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IGN: SushimyRoll
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Guild: Kawaii~Toast
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X3 we're a kinda laid back guild that helps people often. We have ages ranging from teen-adult. We're not super GVG, but we do occasionally because some request it so our gvg is.. lol squat. We do have afkers 24/7 whether it be drilling, selling, or working and drilling. Being active is a must thought so at least log in once a week.

My grammar sucks old turdy chicken ;_; and my typing fails a the moment due to my horrible horrible lenovo laptop whose keys never work and I need to incessantly stab my keys to type out a coherent sentence resulting in what I call angry typing.

Our guild is filled with people who enjoy helping, when their not afk of course.

We hope that you can join us soon ^_^

Hatsuchi Clan
World: Jewelia


active, guild, mature

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