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SushiDomo 06-06-2011 07:22 PM

~l*lHatsuchi Clanl*l~
Youkoso minna-san~! :py53:

We're looking for super active and talkative guildies ;3 (who isn't lol) No lvl limits :D
BUTTTT~! ... we have something they don't and that is...

Tacos :py28:

Join if you want :3 you can just PM me~ SushimyRoll or HubbyDos or Teddynii to request applications :3 no one is left behind~! kya!



P.S. We GvG for fun so... we get pwned wait... WE PWN >: D

*supa fine print* Please note that if you are inactive for more than a month and have less than 1k guild score you may be kicked - - HOWEVAAHH you can join back if you want :)

teehee~ let the colors burn your eyes >: DD

SushiDomo 06-15-2011 12:37 PM

We will be having a recruiting feista this sunday on 18th starting at 11 am pst a paradise new recruits are welcome !

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