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lindst92 05-03-2011 05:24 AM

R> Sinful [Fantasia]
This is a post made for a friend since the person doesn't have an account on here.

Sinful is a new guild on Fantasia server that emerged late last month.
Currently there are 18 members if I recall and most of us are very active,
some even insanely active. :py05:

We are looking for members that are active, fun and talkative! :py16:
Needless to say understandable english is required. :py62:
There is no level limit.

If you are looking for friends and just want to have fun with training and what
not, then this guild is for you baby! :py63:

You can try to find any of these people in game to join us:
WilhelmRozencru, Masipa & Reimou.

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