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Kohane 01-29-2011 05:44 AM

L> Guild for two characters
Looking for a Guild for my Cat (ElhaymVanHouten) and my Dragon (CitanUzukii, just created him today). I don't mind being with only english-speakers, I'm used to it (besides some typos and mispelling :py44:). I wanted a chatty guild, I don't do GvG anymore like old times, I'm into doing quests right now and I'm active mostly at night (GMT -3) and daytime (weekends).

The Cat is at second job and the dragon, well, just created him, but I plan on getting him to 2nd job today.

Thanks in advance! =)

Edit: Forgot to tell I'm at Jewelia bad =(

clione08 03-17-2011 09:47 PM

Well you could join mine^^ I would appreciate it :) The guild is active, and we do a lot of chat :DDD but sometimes, it's quiet, cause a lot of us, got the same time.. sleeping time and the other is.. that we are quite busy, doing works, some are quiet, whom I need to talk to.. :D I'm working on it, if I could only find someone who has nothing to do but Chaaaatt all day hehe LOL, i like chatting too. We support Guild events? not overpriced.. the guilds not that rich^^
the guild is ~MoriMori~, we lost 2 gvgs, 2 times from our allianced, or guild-friend(guild). Hehe, not that strong but, we are trying our best, :) the key to the guild is being loud, making noise? with such actions, we could be a family :) and even if you got away for so long, as long as we know you, I wont kick anybody.. i never liked it tho. Rock on~~

wish we could play together too

Sakurah 03-18-2011 09:00 PM

Well, since Astro Blitz is in Fantasia, forget that.

I can however point you to the way of *~Mirage Coordinator~*. :D When I was (semi) active on Jewelia, that was my guild of choice. Everyone's friendly and awesome. <3

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