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09-28-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Atlantica OnlineLa Tale
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IGN: Lillithium
Class: Witch
Level: 23x
Guild: EcKs.T.C
Default L> Guild (Jewelia) <3

Hello! I'm Miliazer from Jewelia and I'm a -currently- level 190 Duelist (people say I level up rather fast ;A; ). I'm looking for a fun loving, and active guild, also preferably literate, that would welcome me inside. c: I'm also from Singapore which means that I'm in the time zone GMT +8. Though I'm pretty much online all the time, lawl.

Though on a side note, I am only able to join a guild on the 5th of October since I disbanded a guild around three weeks back. >w<;

Here's some of my interest that will hopefully help us get along better:
- Trickster, of course. <3
- Touhou
- Reading (Genre: Fiction [Horror/Fantasy], Psychology)
- Drawing
- English Alternative&Punk music

Even though I draw anime stuff and play Touhou, I'm not an avid anime/manga fan though I still have knowledge of it to an extend. :3
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09-30-2010   #2 (permalink)
Emii-Cakes for all ♥
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xEmiikinz will become famous soon enoughxEmiikinz will become famous soon enough
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IGN: xEmii
Guild: Ascendants

You're welcomed to join our guild, Reborn, if you wish.

We love each other (8D D'AWWW) and get along really well, GvG most of the time if we can find someone, and we're literate for the most part. Well, I'd say me and a sub > everyone else

But like I said, you're welcomed to join. We have a notice up in the Guild Office and you can find us running around usually. PM me in-game if you would like.

IGN: xEmii
Server: Jewelia
Time: Central time. GMT -1 I think?

Also I love Touhou and all that stuff, I think we'll get along. +_________+ *Creeper*

IGN: xEmii ♥
10-01-2010   #3 (permalink)
Feeling nostalgic, huh?
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IGN: Makina
Class: Multi-Character to_boxer
Level: Pro D
Guild: Magika

TOUHOU!!!! *o* (I only have PofV ATM, but i'm not a good player uryuu...)

*~Mirage Coordinator~* is pretty much open ATM! We welcome almost anyone (specially with a ggFTW account and join our guild page for any upcoming notices or events!) and OF COURSE we have plenty of roomspace ATM! Don't worry about time-zone... I have quite a few who are overseas from where I live! ^^; (I'm from the States, uryuu~)

I (or we) love to GvG and i'm looking for people who love to GvG! Also, we have events for guildies (and non-guildies) and win my bits of fortune! 8)

So umm... If you are interested, please go to the Guild Office and find our Recruit post there!

P.S. Emii, have you thought of making Reborn a Guild Page and get the guild recognized? (Gotta have at least 15 active peeps...)


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