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Gaap 02-26-2013 11:43 PM

R> Magika (Formerally M.C.), Universal guild!

Hey guys! I know it's hard for Trickster to leave, but if you feel like you want a single (and currently small) hub to stay in touch and possibly find ways to expand the guild of the same name (though one has to agree to become guild leader of it's circle!)... And are not into Skype or Facebook, then feel free to join "Magika"! This is formerly the "Mirage Coordinator" guild (though ggFTW mods can not somehow change the name of the guild page), but I thought I should make a change to the name since the title was to long and lost my Umineko touch... But it still has it's "magic", hence why a cutsie name like "Magika" is made! (Yes this was inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica..)

So far the only slowly-active guild in a game is PangYa, but if anyone is interested in hosting a guild of the same name and be part of it, you can do that by sending the PM, the list of the mods (and leader), and as well any specific rules for that specific guild's game!

I would have link to the guild page, but I am soon going to do a "member sweep" to remove the inactive members (because I know I try to force people to join and not taking advantage of it's resources..)!!!

[Click here to visit the guild forms!!!]

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